Land For Sale Profits - How An Investor Turned 1,000 into 3.5 Million In 11 Years

Mark Guard was a small investor who bought land for sale to make profit and sold it after 11 years for a staggering 3.5million as the land was eventually developed for housing.

You may not make these sorts of gains, but it shows the potential for profits in land for sale, however 50 - 100% gains are being made by savvy investors and you could to.

Land is easy to understand, is cheap and even better with the right location you can beat almost any other investment in terms of growth achieved to downside risk.

Land investment has been the "secret" of the world's richest families and wealthiest investors for years.

Well know investors such as Donald Trump and Howard Hughes made billions from land investment. Bob Hope was also a big fan and there are countless others.

They all knew land for sale profits could be huge and the downside risk was low.

So what are chances of making good land sale profits?

The answer is good. All you need to do is to do your homework and follow a few a few rules and you can start getting in on the action.

The real key is of course location you need to buy in an area where land will be developed and you can sell to a developer at a profit.

It's obvious but this is the key to big land sale profits.

So where are the best locations?

For this you need to look at the new boom countries and great opportunities are available in Central America, with Costa Rica the country of choice for most investors.

There are others but these represent the best profit potential and lowest risk.

What countries should I avoid?

1. Well established countries such as the US and UK. You can make land sale profits but it's much harder and your investment needs to be much bigger

2. You should also avoid countries that are predicted to "take off" most never do and you will lose look for countries where land is fairly priced and upside is good.

3. Avoid countries that don't protect your investment. For instance in Eastern Europe you can buy off one owner and then find someone from before the war (when they owned the land) has a counter claim!

Why Costa Rica?

Because it has all the ingredients to make land sale profits including:

1. Land is cheap with good upside potential

2. There is a track record of investors making 50 - 100% gains annually

3. Investment and migration in are rising increasing demand for prime land for development

4. It's safe and stable and when you buy you get the same rights as residents

5. It's tax efficient

6. Your investment is liquid and you can buy and sell quickly

Land for sale is perhaps the most under rated investment of all despite the fact it's easy to do and there companies to help you buy and sell in the best locations.

If you consider you can make 50 - 100% potential profits with no experience with little downside risk then it's an ideal area to target to to build wealth quickly.

Look at this investment for yourself and you will see the potential in land sale profits and Costa Rica is a good place to start.

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