Memory Techniques - Increase Your Memory

Memory and How to Remember Anything - Part 1

Here in Part 1 we will examine how to improve your memory instantly, and without taking a course in memory improvement, just by following the easy instructions. In Part 2 we will examine memory itself, and exactly what it is, and why it is.

So what is memory? The experts tell us that memory is just the linking of new ideas to something that you already know. That implies naturally that we know a great many things, and we do. So, how can we develop our memory? To do so we will first need to develop well-arranged filing systems in our minds. This is not difficult, in fact, your brain does it automatically for you if you let it. In general, remembering in general involves 3 processes: Registration, Retention, and Recall.

By registration we means the object that is intended to be remembered is "written down" in the memory center somewhere. Retention, or keeping it there where its registered, and finally recall, or bringing up to our conscious mind, that recorded and recalled memory. So how do we "develop" it and remember things easily? By training it is the answer!

Firstly there is no such thing as a good or bad memory. There is however a difference between a trained and an untrained memory. So lets start training our own memory.

To do this we will create a memorable story to remember something difficult. We are going to learn the same word in Russian, Greek, and French. The word is "Help!" Useful if you need it. So to do this we will create a story where three friends, a Russian, Greek and Frenchman meet for lunch. While they are eating their meal, a young woman has her high heeled shoe stuck in the pavement, and a car is racing towards her in the parking lot. She sees the Russian eating poor mush (pomosh), the Greek drinking vote tea (voithea), and Frenchman eating awful kurds (au secours). If you remember this silly story, and you will, as its imaginative and useful, you will remember to ask for help in these three languages. We have created a link and this link is based on something you already knew.

Generally, and for all kinds of memory development you can follow the easy 4 steps below, and you will not fail.

Step #1: Develop first your imagination

Use your imagination when you want to memorize something. While watching TV, and you see something interesting you wish to remember, just imagine what you are watching is connected with some object. It can be a vase near the TV, and you can imagine that vase involved with the object you wish to remember. Using this method, your mind will concentrate on what you are watching and you will easily remember it later

Step #2: Now, Motivate yourself as you learn

We all can memorize something that we're learning easier if we do it with interest and motivation. Naturally we must decide why we want to remember this. It may be to pass a test, or remind someone of something. It can be any reason, but find a reason, and this will motivate you!

Step #3: Don't stress yourself as you are learning.

Do not stress yourself by wishing to learn everything at once. Take a break! Learn a few things at a time, and then go back over them, remember the link and the story, then take your mind away from what you are learning for a while.

It is much better to learn whatever you wish in many small sessions than one long one. Do not make learning and memorizing an unpleasant task. Put as much humor as you can into it, and do not be stressed. You will see your recall improves without effort thereafter.

Step #4: Eliminate all possible distractions

It is a fact that you will learn more, and recall it easier when your mind is not occupied by thoughts that distract you.

Try to eliminate other distractions like load noise (of any kind), and things that can distract you. You must know that distractions will keep you unfocused and will leave you with scattered thoughts. If you can eliminate the distractions, you will find your mind has to occupy itself with the object you need to learn and memorize.

So if you follow the above suggestions, you will see your memory increasing dramatically without effort!


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