Create Your Own Reality

An Exercise in Creative Realization

Reality? What is it? According to Susan Jeffers "Nothing is realistic or unrealistic - there is only what we think about any given situation. We create our own reality" But what does that mean? How can knowing what it mean make our lives any better? Any happier?

Scientists, until very recently used to believe the universe was immutable, and made up of the smallest building block called an atom. They no longer believe that. They know the atom can be broken up into many smaller "particles" and that time and space is relative. In fact, all physicists now believe the entire universe to be made up of these sub-atomic particles, and most of them have no mass! That means the entire creation is made up of non-stuff. More than this, as these particles act in a rational way, they universe is made of intelligent non-stuff. The only intelligent non-stuff that anyone can conceive of is "thought".

So what does this mean? It means that our reality is made up of thoughts only, which was so eloquently put by Susan Jeffers in the quote above. So how can we be happier or our lives better by creating our own reality? And how do we do it?

Not as a wishing exercise, or a prayer, but if you can create a reasonable mental image (using your imagination) of what you wish as your reality, you give it the basis for coming into being. Lets look at an example.

Say you wish to be the president of your company, and you are only the office boy at the time. Office boy or not, you can quietly create a strong mental image of you sitting the president's chair. You can see yourself making crucial decisions, guiding the company though your leadership, and so on. Then, having made this image in your mind, you can determine how to bring it into reality. What needs to be done? You need to finish university, and you need to develop leadership skills, and more, you need to constantly see yourself approaching your goal.

Reviewing the mental image you made, you need to see how far along are you in achieving your created image. Sounds like it doesn't work? This was the method used by men like Rene Descartes, Einstein, Thomas Edison and others. They saw in their mental image what they needed to create, and then their actions followed.

Use these 4 easy steps, and you will find that your reality is conforming around you, rather than you around it.

. Daily set aside some 10 minutes for your imaging exercise. Do not allow any distractions for those 10 minutes. Do not skip a day. See yourself daily in your new reality.

. Visualize yourself in the situation you expect to happen. See yourself clearly in the way you wish, ideally, to be.

. Decide clearly what has to be done to achieve that image. Make a list with the various tasks that need achieving, and a schedule to achieve them.even if there are years instead of days or least you will clearly know what needs doing.

. Reinforce each completed task with some reward to yourself. This reinforcement is very important, as it keeps the image alive and pertinent.

If for example the reality you wish is a younger and thinner you, you must work to achieve it. This work however is made easier by following the above technique. Your thoughts become coordinated with you actions, and they reinforce them. You use the power of thought, which is, after all, the basis of all creation, to also create your own reality.


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