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Buying The Right Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Article

Pregnancy Made Memorable
Perhaps you have been planning for quite some time, or maybe it's an unexpected - but welcome - surprise. Well, congratulations! Regardless of how it happened, you are now pregnant and will be for quite some time. Pregnancy is a very exciting...

Pregnancy brings with it a time of joy, excitement, positive expectations, and … a considerable lack of sleep! When you’re a mother-to-be, you need as much restful sleep as possible. With your body undergoing a series of rapid changes, getting enough rest is vital to your well being and that of your baby’s. Give yourself the best chance for a good night’s rest by sleeping in a good bed, and use a well-placed pregnancy pillow.

There are many different kinds of pregnancy pillows that come in a variety of colors, designs, and fabric. If you’re concerned about being able to rest comfortably, the use of a specially-designed pregnancy pillow can provide the help your body needs to adjust to its new state.

Here are some tips to help you select the right pillow for you:

Maternity Pillow

This pillow is constructed with two separate adjustable units attached together with fabric. This dual design will help support both your tummy and your lower back. The adjustable velcro tabs make this pillow a great choice for personal comfort. The majority of pregnant women prefer lying on their side. The maternity pillow will provide just the right kind of support to help ease the weight of the belly.

Body Pillow

As it's name suggests, this is a full-length pillow at least 5 feet in length. Your body will have a different contour

Pregnancy Article

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when you’re pregnant. A body pillow is specifically designed to follow your new shape, and to provide enough support in the areas where you need it most.

Pregnancy Wedge

This is a wedge-shaped pillow designed to support your growing belly as you lie on your side. The pregnancy wedge can also add comfort when you’re in a semi-reclining position on your back.

U-shaped Pillow

U-shaped pillows come in a variety of sizes. Some of the most popular sizes are the oversized pillows. These are long enough to run the entire length of your body, and can provide support from both sides.

This type of pregnancy pillow may be your best choice if you’re a naturally restless sleeper, and do quite a bit of tossing and turning. As an added benefit, this pillow also supports the back of your knees. It also keeps the natural alignment of your neck, shoulders, back and hips.

A conventional pillow offers little help to you when you’re on your second, or third trimester, and your growing belly gets bigger with every passing day. As your belly size increases, so will the strain this growth puts on you back, hips and legs. To ease this increasing pressure, you will need the ergonomically-designed support that is provided by a pregnancy pillow.

When choosing a pregnancy pillow, no matter what style you select, make sure the material it

Pregnancy Article

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is made of can maintain a temperature that’s comfortable for you. A 100% natural cotton material is a very good choice. If you are concerned about allergies, hypoallergenic fills are also available. Pillows can also be found that offer anti-bacterial properties to help fight off germs.

Choose a quality pregnancy pillow that will maintain it's shape in order to provide continuous support throughout the night. Don't think only of your belly, be sure you get enough support for your spine, legs and hips, as well. For hygienic purposes, and ease of care, choose a pillow that is machine washable.

Pregnancy pillows come in a wide range of prices, so you can be sure to find one or two that will fit your budget. Prices range from around $30, to over $100. A variety of sizes provides pillows that are large enough for home and bed comfort, or small enough for travel.

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