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How To Treat Acne During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Article

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If a drug for a particular type of disease causes side effects, what does it mean? It simply means in the process of treating one disease, it creates several new diseases. Do you call it a helpful medicine then? Can it be categorized as a treatment? Such is a dilemma when taking medication during the pregnancy.

One popular and effective acne treatment consists of Isotretinoin. If you have severe acne, and your acne does not respond to other therapies, Isotretinoin is certainly the pill to be prescribed.

The medication is bound to give you favorable results as far as acne is concerned. But then breaking of certain side effects can not be ruled out. Isotretinoin is a retinoid which is derived from vitamin A. The medicine is rated as the best acne medication till date.

It is highly effective on acne but is never recommended to pregnant women. The pill is capable of causing birth defects to the fetus. Be in touch with your doctor regularly, in case you are married and the pill is prescribed to you. Discuss about your pregnancy with your doctor. You look good even with your acne, but do you wish to

Pregnancy Article

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be blessed with a child with birth defects? No one would want it.

When looking at the acne treatment options for pregnant women, the grave side effects of Isotretinoin outweigh the merits. The side effects make a horrible reading and any pregnant woman would not like the mention of the names of such diseases.

You better advise any pregnant woman not to go for acne treatment having farthest connection to Isotretinoin. The side effects against which you are warned are thinning of hair, red itchy eyes, dry skin and dry nose. You may even face depression, nausea or vomiting. When you are under the treatment of this drug, there are several doís and doníts about which you need to take absolute care in consultation with your doctor.

As a woman, you need to test yourself for pregnancy, before you begin the Isotretinoin treatment. You need to tell the doctor if you plan to become pregnant or breast feed the child in the near future. You are supposed to stop taking this drug, if in the course of treatment you become pregnant. You are even advised to adopt two unfailing methods of birth control before you

Pregnancy Article

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begin the treatment of this medicine.

Hormonal changes are normal during pregnancy which may result in acne inflammation. You may have the best skin and yet during your first trimester, you may receive severe acne attack. As the pregnancy advances, acne begins to heal itself and you may have better skin glow.

Though, this is certainly not to advise you to sit quiet about your acne during the pregnancy. Better avoid oral medications. You have a growing fetus within you. You can't take any risks in such a delicate condition. Try topical medications like Azelic acid or the trusted benzoyl peroxide.

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