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Sex and Pregnancy: Overcoming Your Most Common Fears

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In the not so distant past, the words "sex" and "pregnancy" were barely ever mentioned in the same sentence.

But today, even the most conservative medical sources say that as long as a woman is feeling good, and her pregnancy is not in jeopardy, sex is fine- oftentimes right up until the day of delivery. Unfortunately, even with these encouraging words, old fears die hard- and many couples continue to experience unnecessary concern.

To help set the record straight, what follows is a guide to the three most common fears about sex during pregnancy - and some reassuring advice

Fear #1 : Premature Labor Although it's the most common pregnancy fear, studies on some 13,000 women revealed preterm labor was less common among women who had intercourse at least once a week during their pregnancy! Another study of 600 women found sex during pregnancy had a protective effect against early labor, as long as couples avoided the "male superior" position. If, however, you experience extreme cramping after sex, talk to your doctor before your next