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Does Your Property Need A Personal Trainer ?

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Clouds on the Horizon: Property Title Issues Which Affect Sale
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When times are good in the Housing Market, properties sell like the proverbial hot cakes. But when the market stalls or prices begin to dip many sellers find their properties ‘Stuck’: Estate Agents report little or no interest and when offers do come in they are invariably unacceptably low.

What can homeowners do? The agents can arrange more viewings, but if those potential purchasers don’t see what they want, they’ll be looking to see the next property on the list – or making a derisory offer. It is this climate that has seen the rise of the ‘professional property presenter’ or ‘Home Stager’.

These services are riding on the back of the successful channel 5 series 'House Doctor' presented by Californian Real Estate Agent and Interior Designer Ann Maurice.

In the show each week Ann Maurice, The House Doctor, visits a hard to sell property and carries out the essential changes that make it more saleable.

A company that has set up to offer homeowners, who can't sell their properties, a similar service is The

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Property Coach run by Brian Cotsen.

“Buyers are buying a dream” says Brian. “They’re busy people, who want to walk in (to a property) make a decision and walk out. If they can’t see beyond the owners personal taste the home owner could lose a sale.”
Brian not only offers his services to homeowners, not lucky enough to get a TV makeover, but he runs a website full of ideas and advice that can help anyone to get more from their home whether they are buying, selling or just living in it.

“Sometimes it can be a bit of a shock to be told what buyers think when they view your home, but would never dream of saying out loud” Brian is direct but friendly and isn’t out to shock, like so many TV shows aspire to do. “I am on the home owners side, however buyers don’t need a second excuse to offer a lower price” Brian explains. “They see all the unfinished DIY or the lack of storage and they notice anything off-putting like smells, mould, dirt and out-of-date-fittings”

Employing a property presenter or ‘Home Stager’ to cast an eye

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over a property will soon let the homeowner know if they’ve got work to do. Home Stagers prepare a report with a list of tasks to be carried out and, if the homeowner doesn't have the time, or the inclination to carry out the work, a property presenter can manage the whole process for them.

So does that property need a personal trainer? If it does, time to call in a professional Home Stager to give it a good workout.

About the Author : Brian Cotsen is The Property Coach. Offering advice and services to help you get more from your property and faster. Whether you are selling or just want to enjoy your home more take a look at the website The Property Coach is a UK company but runs Home Staging Directory that is available to any company in any country Source:


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property Does Your Property Need A Personal Trainer ?