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Investment Property Overseas: It's Getting Easier to Talk Turkey

Property Article

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Turkey is one of the most established holiday destinations for UK holidaymakers, and with the introduction of new flights and mortgages deals it will become even easier to buy yourself a place in the sun especially for example property for sale in Alanya Turkey.

From September, specific mortgages will be available for buyers looking to invest in Turkey, making the buying process easier and more affordable, particularly for those looking for investment property overseas.

On top of this, low-cost airlines are beginning to run routes into major cities and with every passing day talks to allow Turkey to join the European Union within the next 10-15 years are progressing amid overwhelming public support.

Mediterranean coastal town of Alanya is ideally placed to take advantage of the wave of interest in Turkish property. The international airport at Antalya is just 90 minutes away by car, and tourists keep coming back to the town year after year to enjoy the warm climate, fantastic beaches in the Bay of Antalya and the fine local cuisine.

The old town of Alanya is home to the small harbour with its waterfront full of

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friendly bars and restaurants, as well as scattered churches, temples and towers. This display of ancient architecture should whet your appetite to visit the 14th Century citadel high above the town. Within the walls you will find mosques Byzantine churches, and narrow twisting alleyways full of colourful boutiques to tempt shoppers in.

Below the citadel are sea-caves and grottoes, including the famous Cave of Dripping Stones with its hugs stalactites and stalagmites, which lead you back towards the nightlife of the harbour. The social scene in Alanya is extremely relaxed, with laid-back bars and unhurried dining in the restaurants.

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, permanent move or and investment property, Estate Master has the property for sale in Alanya which is perfect for your needs. Not only do we have access to the latest projects and agents on the ground in Turkey, but also a wealth of experience in international property to help guide you through the buying process.

And then there are the properties themselves. With resale apartments available at around 45,000 for a two-bedroom, centrally-located

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property in superb condition it is hard to look elsewhere. We also have a comprehensive range of new-build and off-plan developments, so your property needs will be completely satisfied.

Europe is growing, and Turkey will be at the forefront of bringing the eastern Mediterranean into the fold. Buy now, and as has been demonstrated in central and eastern Europe, prices will rise quickly. Therefore investment property overseas especially property for sale in Alanya Turkey is a much more realistic goal for many more people in the UK.

This article was provided by Luke Fitzsimmons on behalf of http://www.EstateMasters.co.uk an established overseas property investment agency offering Orlando Real Estate, property in Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand, Spain, and the Caribbean.

For more information about Turkey and Alanya and to view current properties for sale in Alanya Turkey please visit, http://www.estatemasters.co.uk/pages/content/property-sale-alanya-turkey.html


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property Investment Property Overseas: It's Getting Easier to Talk Turkey