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Real Estate Article

Buying & Selling Real Estate Notes
Are you confused about what real estate notes are and if they should be something that's in your portfolio? Simply put, a real estate note is a promise to pay back a loan. Real estate notes are the loan documents that are created when you finance...

Using the Internet as a tool for finding real estate for sale and/or a real estate agent can be a rewarding technique or a frustrating experience. There are hundreds of thousands of real estate agents and brokers who have websites and often thousands in the larger metro areas and many hundreds in the smaller markets. The number of real estate related websites have grown considerably over the past several years with the high volume of real estate sales and new agents entering the business.

Agent Websites - Many real estate agents have their own websites and their usefulness varies with the success and experience of the agents and their webmasters. Most will display the listings from the particular agent (if any) and sometimes will also display other listings that may or may not be listings of the agent. If no listings are displayed, the agent may be a buyer's agent or has no current listing active. The website may also have a feature to search for active MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings. The search features can vary widely depending on the website provider/builder. Some websites restrict use to individuals who have registered with the agent and others permit unlimited use without registration. Those agents requiring registration typically use the information provided for follow-up contact either via telephone, mail or email. Other agent websites provide contact forms, chat lines and other means for follow-up communications. The timeliness and quality of responses can vary widely. The attrition rate for agents is high, often over 80% during their first year so many websites may be active but have been abandoned by their owners. Other active agents are remiss in checking for messages and requests go unanswered for days or weeks.

Broker Websites - Most real estate brokers (international, national, regional and local) maintain websites. They normally have property search features by area and often will have individual real estate agent access information. Some may limit the MLS information provided to the listings of the given real estate broker, others will display any active

Real Estate Article

Real Estate: A Good Investment
There are many kinds of investments in which we can put our money and eventually earn in the future. Most business-minded people would choose investments that can give them not only income but also security. They seek in particular for...

MLS listing within the given area, county, state or country.

Builder/Developer Websites - Most residential real estate builders and developers maintain websites. These websites may be specific to a sub-division being built or generic for the regional and nationwide builders with access to specific cities/states and the sub-divisions being developed. Usefulness varies considerably with many providing detailed information on house designs, available inventory, contact information and site sales office hours.

Real Estate Related Referral Websites - There has been a proliferation of real estate referral websites offering individuals with agent referrals for a given area once they have been provided details of your contact information, whether interested in buying or selling and the specifics on the area and home. Referral real estate websites typically have real estate agents subscribers who pay fees for referrals. These fees may be based on a per lead cost to the agent, a monthly fee to the agent for a specific number of leads or a percentage of the real estate commission paid if the lead culminates in a sale. Typically the only criteria for an agent to utilize these referral services is that the agent is legally licensed to do business in their state.

Real Estate Listing Websites - There are a number of national real estate websites providing limited listing information and varying degrees of specificity in search criteria. Some are more user friendly then others. Some have real estate agent/broker fee paid subscription services to highlight listings and or selected agents/brokers.

http://www.realtor.com - http://www.living.net - http://realestate.yahoo.com

Search Engines - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an obsession for most webmasters and real estate agents. Simply stated, real estate agents, brokers, builders and referral companies want to be in the first page or two of search results so that the individual web

Real Estate Article

A Guide to Investing in Real Estate
With all of the investment opportunities available these days, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is right for you and your money. If you find yourself trying to make a decision about where your money should be invested, you...

surfer will be directed to their website. These individuals and firms may be paying significant fees to firms offering first or second page placement on a given search engine. The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and hundreds of others use different algorithms to determine how websites get ranked and their order of placement on the results pages. To make it even more interesting/confusing, the big search engines also offer websites owners various sponsorship page positioning on a fee basis albeit they identify the sites as such.

http://www.google.com - http://www.yahoo.com - http://www.msn.com

Tips to Make Your Real Estate Search a Rewarding One!

1. Most major search engines have basic and advanced search options and provide information and directions for using them. Take five extra minutes and learn how to use the advanced functions and you'll be happy you did!

2. Learn as much as possible about the region, state, city and neighborhood you are interested in to maximize your search results.

3. Be specific in your search criteria. The more general and generic the search, the less pertinent the results will be.

4. All search engines are not alike! Use more than one when conducting a search, as the results will vary greatly.

Once you are seriously considering buying or selling residential real estate direct your search to finding an experienced agent that is responsive and has your best interests in mind. Then have your real estate agent do the digging into the market to present the listings and homes you will be most interested in.

About the author:

Carol Lorenc & Richard Lorenc (http://www.homeinjacksonville.com) sell condos and single-family homes for Watson Realty Corp., and live in St. Augustine, Florida. The Lorenc's have lived and worked around the world in Asia, Europe and Latin America and specialize in working with foreign real estate buyers.


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