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Self Improvement

A Path to Self Improvement - The Samurai Method

Self Improvement Article

Self Improvement Books: Valuable Guides Or Dusty Doorstops?
Quite often, when someone decides to make positive changes in their lifestyle and personality, the first thing they'll do is head for the nearest bookstore and start looking through the self improvement book section. Although their desire to...

Do you lack self discipline? Many of us do. Gaining self discipline is a matter of working at it it. Their are several paths to reach it, I think. One method is practicing constant self improvement. Check out my story; I have always been fascinated by the martial arts. Martial arts are the physical self defense disciplines that were developed in the Far East. The arts include but are not limited to Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kempo, Ninjitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu and many others. These were made popular here most famously by Bruce Lee. I believe that my addiction to these arts and their movies was fed by the Saturday afternoon matinees that the television stations used to show. As a young prepubescent boy watching Shao Lin monks leaping through the air as if they were flying, shattering stones with their bare hands and the speed finesse and skill level that they displayed was mind blowing to me. That was first hooked me to their culture as I took up the arts myself I immersed myself in books and magazines about asian culture. While I am not the first in sharing the riches and wisdom the Buddha, Sun Tzu and Confucius. I believe that I am the first to share the wisdom of the Samurai on Ezines.

In case you didn't know the Samurai were warrior caste in feudal Japan. The ideal samurai were expected to lead austere, disciplined lives, dedicated to their lords and the perfection of the martial arts and their character. They were expected to be capable of bringing the same finesse to the tea ceremony, calligraphy, and poetry as they would to the removal of an enemy's head in battle. They gave complete loyalty to their daimyo (feudal landlord) in his private army, and received land, position, status, and money in return.

Self Improvement Article

Self Improvement and the Power of ‘Why’
The first step to self Improvement and achieving any goal is to decide exactly what we want. If we are not totally clear about what we actually want it is impossible to make plans and take action to achieve it. It is also vital to know WHY we...

Please read the following and try to absorb the principles of constant self improvement that the samurai practiced. While it won't help you in your sword play the wisdom listed below can help into shaping you into a better person. Mind you that this list has been adapted from ancient Samurai precepts and thus they have been adapted to make sense in todays world.

Precepts of the Samurai (samurai no kokoroe), a modern variation on a historical philosophy: Know yourself. (Jiko o shiru koto) Always follow through on commitments. (Jibun no kimeta koto wa saigo made kikko suru koto) Respect everyone. (Ikanaru hito demo sonke suru koto) Hold strong convictions that cannot be altered by your circumstances. (Kankyo ni sayu sarenai tsuyoi shinnen o motsu koto) Don't make an enemy of yourself. (Mizu kara teki o tsukuranai koto) Live without regrets. (Koto ni oite kokaisezu) Be certain to make a good first impression. (Hito to no deai o taisetsu ni suru koto) Don't cling to the past. (Miren o motanai koto) Never break a promise. (Yakusoku o yaburanai koto) Don't depend on other people. (Hito ni tayoranai koto) Don't speak ill of others. (Hito o onshitsu shinai koto) Don't be afraid of anything. (Ikanaku koto ni oite mo osorenai koto) Respect the opinions of others. (Hito no iken o soncho suru koto) Have compassion and understanding for everyone. (Hito ni taishite omoiyari o motsu koto) Don't be impetuous. (karuhazumi ni koto o okosanai koto) Even little things must be attended to. (Chiisa na koto demo taisetsu ni suru koto) Never forget to be appreciative. (Kansha no kimochi o wasurenai koto) Make a desperate effort. (Issho kenmei monogoto o suru koto) Have a plan for your life. (Jinsei no mokuhyo o sadameru

Self Improvement Article

Self Improvement and Why We Must Be Resilient
Every person who has ever actively worked on self improvement and bettering themselves and their lives has suffered many setbacks. The most successful people in the world did not become successful overnight. They will have suffered more...

koto) Never lose your "Beginner's Spirit". (Shoshin o wasurubekarazaru koto)

Saigo made eizoku suru - persist to the end. This one has special meaning to me I look at this in this way "to persist is to conquer"

Personally, I try to make an effort to live up to these ideals. They teach the importance of self reliance and responsibility for ones actions. If you can't blame anyone else for your misfortunes you are that more focused on your goals. This is a constant effort, we are human, there is always room for improvement.

*The Samurai precepts is from http://www.kristenkyle.com/resnotes.html written by Kristen Kyle.

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Self Improvement