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Self Improvement

Finding the Time for Self Improvement

Self Improvement Article

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Many people think that they could improve their life if only they could find the time. They desperately want to change, to realize their dreams, whether that is gaining self-confidence, dealing with anxiety, having better relationships or acquiring money. They think that, when they find the time, they will make the changes they have promised themselves. The truth is they will never deliver on those promises because they never will find the time.

We all have busy lives. We have commitments to work and family. We leave early in the morning and go to work, work hard all day with no time to think, and then, when we get home tired, we have other commitments thrust upon us. Weíre not happy. Thereís never enough time for your self. Your job may be fantastic, your finances secure and your family loving, but thereís a hole in your life. But, you keep saying to your self: Iíll make the effort as soon as I find the time.

Iíll let you into a secret: you will never find the time. With the lifestyles we live today, time is not something we ever find. We must MAKE the time! Itís not always easy, but it is possible to make a little time each day just for your self.

First you need to sit down with pen a paper and write down your schedule. Donít leave anything out; be honest. You probably already know what it is youíd like to do if you had the time, so write down how long each day you

Self Improvement Article

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would like to have. Now, go back to your written schedule and start to analyze it to find out where you can make time. You can begin with looking at how you begin your day. You may yearn to meditate, or practise yoga, or write or find time to contemplate. Well, could you get up a half hour earlier? Most of us can make the effort the get up that little bit earlier. If you do, you could make the time to spend on yourself.

How do you spend your lunch hour at work? Most people tend to chat with their colleagues, go shopping, and do errands or simply zone out. Could you cut down on these? Perhaps not every day but on your schedule, write down when you could make the time, even if itís only two times a week.

What about travelling to and from work? Maybe you could make the time there. Read the books youíre always promising your self youíll read one day. Listen to the self-improvement CDs youíve bought but never had the time to listen to. If you planning on getting fit or doing some exercise, ask your self if you could run or walk to work Ė at least part of the way Ė rather than driving or taking the bus.

Evenings can be a problem when it comes to making time. Most people are pretty tired when the get home from work. Then thereís preparing meals and spending time with your family and friends. But again, you could possibly make time here. How much time spent at home in the evening

Self Improvement Article

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is quality time? Do you tend to zone out in front of the TV? If you do, you can stop watching the TV and make the time for your self.

Weekends are by far the best place to look when making time for your self. Start by looking at the schedule youíve written down and again be honest. Do you tend to sleep, spend hours window-shopping or just potter about the house for hours on end? We are all guilty of wasting some of our time, especially at weekends. Write down some time on the schedule of yours when you can spend time just on yourself.

Finally, talk to those around you. Explain to them you desire to spend time in improving your self. If youíre honest and show them youíre committed, youíll be surprised how much support you receive. After all, become a better you is going to improve their lives too.

Making time is hard work but making it is worth the effort. Once you begin to spend time doing the things youíve been promising your self, youíll feel so much better. Donít worry if you sometimes donít stick to it. Schedules can be re-arranged: after all, our lives are ever changing. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start making the time.

About the author: Robin Oíbrien is founder and editor of selfimprovementtechniques.com. You can find many more time management tips by visiting his site.





Self Improvement