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Self Improvement

Self Improvement and Prioritising

Self Improvement Article

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It was John Dunne who first wrote; No man is an island. Never was there a truer observation of man's condition. No one forms beliefs, ideas, emotions, opinions in isolation. The search of self improvement is no different. We can only find our inner...

The ability to be able to set priorities and deal with our most important tasks first is an essential skill for self improvement and achieving results. We are all busy and there are many demands on our time and it is very easy to be distracted by other people and events. We may feel we have so many things to do that we donít know even where to start.

Usually the best place to start is to make a list of everything you need to do. Many people keep the things they have to do in their heads, and never write things do. Any busy person that manages to be highly productive and genuinely feels they are performing effectively without writing things down and prioritising them is very lucky indeed, and this is a great skill.

However, most people, even people who donít feel the need to write things down, are amazed to find how much more they can achieve by working from a list. The very act of writing down

Self Improvement Article

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everything we need to do can also unburden the mind and allow us to think clearer.

But just to write our tasks down is not enough, the critical next step is to prioritise them by listing them in order of importance. When seen on paper, deciding our most important tasks is easier, and things that were preoccupying us, may be seen to be unimportant, and can often be deleted altogether, or delegated.

To ensure we are making the most effective use of our time at all times we must put at the top of the list the item that is most important, that will achieve the greatest results for us when completed, or will have serious consequences if not completed. And we must commit to work on and complete that task before moving on to the second item on our list.

There are variations on this technique, and many other more detailed resources available from time management experts that can make us

Self Improvement Article

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more productive. However, the simple actions of making a list and prioritising our tasks, then completing our highest value task before doing anything else, will have a huge impact on our productivity.

Self Improvement Quote of the Day:

ďIt's not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?Ē - Henry David Thoreau

About the author:

Garry Zancanaro is the founder of Self Improvement Directory, a website dedicated to Self Improvement and Personal Development, and to helping people live more successful and fulfilling lives by providing a directory of the highest quality Self Growth resources available. Includes many FREE eBooks and much more. Visit





Self Improvement