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Self Improvement

Self Improvement Books: Valuable Guides Or Dusty Doorstops?

Self Improvement Article

A Path to Self Improvement - The Samurai Method
Do you lack self discipline? Many of us do. Gaining self discipline is a matter of working at it it. Their are several paths to reach it, I think. One method is practicing constant self improvement. Check out my story; I have always been...

Quite often, when someone decides to make positive changes in their lifestyle and personality, the first thing they'll do is head for the nearest bookstore and start looking through the self improvement book section. Although their desire to become a better person is honorable, there are some things they should know before selecting a self improvement book to help them on their course. If you are one of these people, please read on.

First, not every one of these books is filled with advice that will be helpful for you. Sure, the cover may be flashy, the title intriquing and the write-up on the back may hold promises of the many secrets to be revealed within. Please don't fall prey to this type of gift-wrap marketing though. Take the time to actually crack open the book and read through the contents and a few random paragraphs or pages

Self Improvement Article

Self Improvement and Self Growth
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Secondly, ask yourself if the course of self improvement being offered in the book is information that you already know. As you skim the book, you may find yourself agreeing with what the author is saying. That's a good sign that you already know this information. In this case, what you need to do is take action with the information you already have, not procrastinate by purchasing another book on the topic.

On the other hand, if you find yourself having lightbulbs go off in your head as you browse through the book and saying to yourself, "Hey, I never thought of things that way!", you might be onto a good find. Self improvement books that make you think on your own and motivate you to take action on your new ideas are often a worthwhile investment.

Finally, if you do discover the perfect book, don't buy

Self Improvement Article

Self Improvement Techniques That Work
The most successful people I know have a favorite self improvement technique they credit for at least some degree of their success. Most often the self improvement technique is attributed to financial successs, but the best techniques can be ...

it right away. Being frugal is one of the first steps to self-improvement, so you might want to consider leaving the bookstore and checking your local library to see if the title is available for free. Another option is to comparison shop at online bookstores to get the best price available.

Keeping these book buying tips in mind will not only save you time and money, they may also help you further along your path to personal perfection.

About the author:

James B. Allen is the cosmic publisher behind PowerLivingPress.com. Before you spend your hard-earned cash on any more self improvement books, come explore his site. It's overflowing with free articles for you - right now.





Self Improvement