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Self Improvement

Self Improvement Ideas: The Power of Decisions

Self Improvement Article

Your 7 Day Program For Self-Improvement
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"Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth that the moment one commits oneself, then providence moves, too." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Change is a sign of life. Everything in this world, including every person, is in a continual state of change. Life is dynamic and always moving in a direction and every direction has an ultimate destination or what we call a destiny. The most powerful way to shape our lives is for us to take action, to just do it. The difference in people comes down to what they have done differently from others in the same situations.

Those people who live life to the full, who are happy, fulfilled and have "it all" are the people who are in control of their minds and their emotions. In doing so their conditioned response is to make decisions. And once they have made their decisions there is NO looking back. They consistently seek out self improvement ideas and realize that no matter how good they are, they can always improve. Not because they got bored or unhappy, but because they realize that the only way to be truly happy and fulfilled is to consistently grow and contribution through seeking out self improvement ideas. It is ironic that only the most successful people in the world have life coaches.

Consciously we all want to have more money, better relationships or a fitter healthier body, but most of us have no clear idea of where we want our lives to ultimate be. One of the most important self improvement ideas to utilize is to learn the power of a truly committed decision. We shape and direct our destiny by the actions we take daily. Unfortunately it is not as simple as that.

Self Improvement Article

Yoga is Self Improvement
After five thousand years of written documentation, Yoga may well be the oldest self-improvement system that ever existed. We don't know what Yoga knowledge may have been lost before man started to record it. In the time period beyond 5,000 years...

Most of us struggle to do the things we know we must do to change our lives and direct it to where we ultimately want it.

One of the easiest ways to take control of your actions is to take control of your decisions. Decisions are what precede all of our actions. A truly committed decision is one where you release all the possibilities from your mind, except for the outcome that you are absolutely committed to. According to Anthony Robbins, "a truly committed decision is the force that changes your life" and is one of the main self improvement ideas he teaches in almost all his seminars and audio programs.

The challenge is that most of us have weak decision making muscles mainly because we tend to say "I will give it a go and see if it works." A truly committed decision is like a laser beam that is so focussed on its target that nothing can get in its way. In its latin form the word "decide" means to "cut off" and that is what a truly committed decision calls us to do. Cut off all other possibilities to the extent that you will not even consider any other result. Now this might sound easier said than done and I have to agree. BUT once you realize that making decisions is a skill and that the more you practise it the better you get at it, you will begin to powerfully direct and shape your life towards your ultimate destination.

Decisions are ideas acted upon. Therefore a real decision is always followed by some action and is maintained by consistent action towards a desired result. Consistent and committed action is a self improvement idea that is taught by leaders from all walks of life. The power of it's effectiveness is that it builds momentum

Self Improvement Article

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in our lives that allows us to blast obstacles out of the way and having momentum in the desired direction is trademark of a successful life.

The challenge that lies before all of us is that even after making a truly committed decision things happen to us that discourage us. Events and circumstances "distract" us from our goals and it challenges the strength of our resolve to stay committed to our decisions. The important thing is to stay committed to your decisions no matter what.

Every challenge on the strength of your resolve will strengthen your decision and commitment but only if you stay true to your commitment. When you learn to consciously use your will to resist the temptations to just "go with the flow" of life you, start to build emotional muscle. Just like working out in the gym, the more resistance you have stronger you get.

Let me therefore offer you this self improvement idea: Start by taking a different look at problems and challenges. Commit yourself to seeing them as the necessary "weights" to build enough strength to reach your goals. Learn to welcome problems as an opportunity to grow and soon you will habitually turn challenges into opportunity.

This article is published with the permission of The Self Improvement Gym, a network of website dedicated to helping ordinary people create extraordinary lives and turning their dreams into reality. For more information please visit http://www.TonyRobbinsAudiobooks.com for free e-books, e-zines and other recourses.





Self Improvement