Developing Your Spirituality - Basic Exercises

What is spirituality, and why and how would someone want to develop it?

Spirituality is nothing less than a conscious awareness of your own basic nature, which is essential sprit, and not material. Why to develop it?

We develop our spirituality in order to bring ourselves closer to all creation and the creator. How to develop it? The answer is easily within you.

Considering the Creation

Perhaps there is not a man (or woman) alive or that has ever lived that has not marveled at one time or another at various signs of creation.

Creation being the entire observable and unobservable phenomenon in our universe.

The macro cosmos (larger creation; the stars and our earth) or the micro cosmos, the great miniature universe within ourselves; for example our cells, and our structure and its function.

A simple consideration of its complexity and the number of exact combinations that would have to be met for life to exist can bring the greatest skeptic and atheist to their knees.

Impossibility of Creation

Physicists are now at a basic common agreement that the principles of Quantum physics are about as close as we can understand the mechanics of creation.

They have come to the conclusion the entire universe is made up of thinking (intelligent) non-stuff (particles or waves) with no matter or mass. They further equate this non-stuff with thought. So our entire universe is only thought?

Creation then is impossible. Yet with our intelligent non-stuff and the impossible number of co-incidences required for creation (yet alone "life") to exist, we have our universe in its entire splendor.

Spirituality in our Everyday Lives

We live, we are told, in a material world. Yet, our material world bounds with so-called miracles, miracle workers, and contradiction. These are no more than signposts to indicate the "real" is not so real as we suppose.

Taking that for granted, we must develop our own spirituality so we become closer to what is real rather than what is not.

Do we fix our consciousness on a creation made up of thinking non-stuff, or do find our own basic nature, align ourselves with that, and start to harmonize ourselves with our basic nature?

Certainly the latter is correct.

Exercise for Developing Your Spirituality

Sitting in a quiet place, and in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and watch your breath. Watch mentally the air coming in and out.

After a few moments, and when you are relaxed, imagine you are free to travel wherever you wish. To another city, to the moon, to the stars.

Feel yourself free in this travel and marvel at the beauty and perfection of the creation all around you.

Try to feel allied to creation, and be a casual observer. Let your imagination run where it will. Let your imagination be a sort of cosmic gypsy, and wander where your imagination takes you.

Do not force your thoughts, let them flow of themselves.

Sitting as long as you can, slowly bring your consciousness back to your here and now. When in the here and now, consider the greatness of creation and the creator, whatever religion you have, use your own symbology.

When you arise from this exercise, your spirituality will have been enhanced.

The more your ponder and wonder, the more your spirituality will develop. Your own beliefs will be reinforced, and you will see even your mundane life improved by this harmonization with creation


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