Success - Have This Trait And You Will Be Successful At Anything

So you want to achieve success and make a lot of money? Well the first step is desire and this will make anything possible. Developing desire however is not as simple as many people think.

Many people can't get desire to work for them. This article will explain what desire is and how you can turn your desires into reality in simple steps to achieve what you want.

Before we do this let's look at how important desire is in the first place and then how to turn into success.

The greatest obstacle to developing desire is our view that we will never be able to satisfy it.

What do we do?

We discourage the desire and avoid the frustration that these desires cannot become reality.

John Galbraith called this process "accommodating to poverty" and points out that people always choose the economic level they accept, it's not given to them - They simply accept it.

You decide your success level no one else

It is a fact that you are not going to succeed unless you get the desire to want more. If you are coasting along believing that your ship will get blown into board then nothing is going to happen.

However, if you take the view that you have to sweat get the sales up steer your ship and make things happen, then chances are they will.

Look around at successful people what do they have desire and they converted that desire into confidence and achieving their aims.

In a free market economy there is no reason why anyone can't get rich.

If you don't have a burning desire to better your life then you are only cheating yourself no one else.

We have all read of people who came from humble beginnings and made millions. Do you think they did this without a burning desire to succeed?

Of course they didn't, they had desire and then they turned that into success.

Here are some simple steps to get you on the road to success.

1. Take it in steps

If you have never made moiré than the minimum wage don't aim for half a million in the first year. Always aim for an earnings level that excites you a lot and scares you a little.

The important point is to have faith in yourself to achieve a realistic level of success.

2. Focus on specific things you want

Make agreements with yourself: I do this, I get that.

Don't work hard unless you reward yourself - This is essential for positive motivation and turning desire into reality.

3. Plan Ahead

Sit down and plan ahead in simple steps to reach your goal and stick with your plan. Review it regularly to check progress and see how you can improve.

Planning is essential to help you achieve your goals and will help you maximise your time.

4. Something's are unpleasant!

We all know we may need to go to the dentist, but we leave it simply because its unpleasant. One key way to getting to your goal - Is never put off anything that can be done till today until tomorrow.

You have to do something's in life that are unpleasant - That's life, so do them. If you do you will get through tasks quicker and have a clearer focus.

5. Motivate yourself toward your goal

Confidence and faith in your ability are essential to achieving desire. So start reading success stories people who made money from nothing and convince yourself you can to. They did it why cant you?

Success Has U in it!

If you dream of winning the lottery or things will just happen odds are you will never be a success however, if however you can develop desire and channel this into a plan that you have faith and confidence in and take it one step at a time you can achieve the success you desire.

Keep in mind it rests on your shoulders. You cant blame lack of success on anyone else but yourself.


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