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Success - 7 Secrets Of Success

Success Article

Success - The Amazing Attraction Factor
Your success is assured when you begin using The Amazing Attraction Factor. No other factor can generate wave upon wave of success for as long as you live. You are five easy steps from catching the wave of a lifetime. Your Amazing Attraction...

Success is the image you have in your mind of your ultimate goal in life. This goal can be achieved by climbing a series of steps, each of which has been developed to build on the previous one. The following steps are necessary in order to achieve your ultimate goal of success.

S - Solo Focus

Your must have a laser like focus with no distractions. If you want to build your business to a massive size, it requires a constant focus on your goal. When you focus on your goal 3 things will happen:

1) You will become magnetic, radiate your presence, and people will be attracted toward you.

2) You will have conviction, the start of passion, and people will feel your conviction and get excited.

3) You will birth leadership, people want to follow someone who is focused on success.

There has never been a successful leader that lacked focus.

U - Unlocked Imagination

You must dare to dream. Most people have limited thinking and are programmed to think small. Dreaming will unlock creativity, and allow unlimited growth. You must get away from people with no imagination and negativity and radiate toward big thinkers and successful people.

C - Crystal Clear Path

You must know what the path to success is, and you MUST be

Success Article

Could This Be The Key To Your Success?
"Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success." - Dr. Joyce Brothers Have you ever noticed that some people seem to attract success like a magnet? While others can't catch a break no matter how hard...

able to TEACH this path. A logical progression of steps 1,2,3... are required to be successful. This path must be clearly marked to allow people to walk with you to your goal. You must know where you are going or success will be elusive. A clear, concise path allows you to teach others the way to success and that's were duplication comes in.

Success leaves footprints in the sand that you can follow. If you can't follow the footprints you may be on the wrong beach. A group of successful people is much stronger than any individual.

C - Connection to the Heart

Your heart is your success driver. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to if your emotion and heart are in it. You will inevitably fail if your heart is not in it. Ask yourself what do you value most in your life and connect that to the reason you are striving toward your goal.

E - Extraordinary Energy

Hype comes from the mind, energy comes from the heart. To be successful your whole presence must be energized. You can tap this energy by connecting to your heart, emotion, creativity, and faith. An energized, creative person who exudes positivism will draw a crowd of people looking to follow in their footsteps.

S - Skill Set

Most marketers have an inadequate skill set. If they

Success Article

Success is a Decision, Not a Destination
What does it take to be a success? I have spent a lot of time asking myself that question. I heard some good definitions before, but my favorite comes from Tom Hopkins. Here is my translation. * Success is the worthwhile pursuit of a predetermined...

were less than successful in the corporate world their skill set must be changed for success to occur in their own business. To be successful you must have strong skills focusing on; prospecting, presentations, following up, people skills, and communications. When you invest in personal growth a natural side effect of that will be development of your skill set.

S - Stop at Nothing

You must have a burning desire to succeed. No matter what people say, do, or think, you must remain positive and avoid negativity. Stay determined, focused and resolved to be a successful marketer and you WILL achieve your goals.

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