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Success - Christian Success - The Power of The Dream

Success Article

The Reasons Why We Fear Success
In the book, The SHOCKwealth System™, it is discussed that there are four fears that must be overcome in order to experience true success. One of those fears is the fear of success itself. The Fear Of Success is the self-sabotaging fear. Have...

"...He said, "Listen to my words: "When a prophet of the LORD is among you, I reveal myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams." Numbers 12:6

What do you mean I have to Start Dreaming???

The foundation of your Christian Success is going to be the dreams that you want to bring to life in your future that God has deposited in your heart. Most people, even many of your friends, and family, do not dream like they used to, because we all have been programmed that “dreamers are not realists."

Oh yeah? Who sold you on THAT?

Dreams are the Reality of God and His Success Possibilites are endless.

We encourage you to dream again. It is Biblical to envision Biblical success.


Do you know what happens when you DREAM?

You “Dare (to) Reach Extraordinary Altitudes (&) Milestones."

That is what God wants you to do- to Trust Him and reach for extraordinary altitudes and create new milestones for your Christian success that require His Holy help.

1) DARE. Dare to become someone. Nehemiah did. Esther did. David did. Paul did. Dare to go beyond where your friends are. Dare to prove everybody else wrong, who says that you cannot succeed! ALL things are possible through Christ! (Mark 10:27)

2) REACH. Stretch every part of your mind, heart, and soul, and reach for what you want in life and the desires of your heart, not what someone else wants to give you after they take

Success Article

Financial success
If you want to be financially free and rich, you may need to have a good financial success system and also possess a sound financial intelligence. Financial success eludes so many of us, just because we have been incapable of attaining it in the...

their part. God WILL give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

3) EXTRAORDINARY. Dare to reach for the Extraordinary Life! It is waiting on you! Walk in the Extraordinary! Think Extraordinary! Become Extraordinary- but only through the Holy Touch of God- because we serve an EXTRAORDINARY God! (Isaiah 37:16)

4) ALTITUDES. You MUST soar higher in life than you ever have with your dream through the Power of the Holy Spirit! The higher the Altitude, the more Magnetic the Pull of your Dream- and the more pleased God is! (Hebrews 11:6)

5) MILESTONES. Reach for Extraordinary, Life Changing Milestones! Most people do not ever plan on hitting Extraordinary Milestones in their life. Satan convinces them it will not happen. And because of that, they end up getting Millstones of Mediocrity hung around the neck of their future, dragging frustration and doubt all through their life. Jesus' Yoke is easy! (Matthew 11:30)

Dreaming also is the basis for the WHY! WHY are you dreaming anyway?

“WHY" stands for “What Has You?"

Whatever has your heart, focus, passion, dreams, and desires, is your WHY for Godly Success. It could be your children, your family, yourself, your church or faith in God, or even making a difference in other’s lives, or all of the above. Your "WHY" is the driving force behind your business, and your dreams.

Jesus had a WHY- and His WHY was, and still is- YOU!

What Dream has

Success Article

What is Success... *Real* Success? (Part 1 of 2)
Copyright 2005 Tony Mase Many people say they want success. Yet, when asked what "success" is, they haven't a clue. In other words, they say they want something when, at the same time, they don't even know what that "something" is. What...

your heart for your family and future?

Dreaming is simply the Art of Painting a VIVID Picture on the canvas in your mind with God's Paint Brush, and letting that become the MASTERPIECE of Change in your life.

Turn your “DreamLight" on… dust off your dream machine, and crank it up, and let His DreamLight shine on your future once more. Your Dreams CAN and WILL come true… but first the Light of Hope and Possibility for Christian Success must shine in your heart! And then you shine that light on your friends and family and get them dreaming with you!

Jesus was and still is - a Divine Dreamer. Let Him pour His Spirit into you, to help you achieve the Success Dreams you have for your Christian Success.

blessings....doug (c) 2006/ all rights reserved

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top Christian Success Trainers/Authors/Speakers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezines. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his Christian Success training ezine- The SuccessLight Devotional - at http://www.successchurch.com, http://www.successatlife.org, http://www.christiansuccessinstitute.com




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