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Success - Defining Success

Success Article

Could This Be The Key To Your Success?
"Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success." - Dr. Joyce Brothers Have you ever noticed that some people seem to attract success like a magnet? While others can't catch a break no matter how hard...

Success is often attributed to many things, especially in business. I have found through many experiences that some of the influences to success are often listed as the reasons for success.

For example, education is often given as a reason for success or the assumption someone will be successful. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a big supporter and believer in education and its ability to create a more equal playing field for all. I have an MBA myself and value the information I learned getting it. However, I see it as an influence to success, not a reason. The world is full of educated underachievers and even derelicts. Don’t think so? Go to a skid row and ask around; you might be surprised what you hear.

How about genius? Isn’t genius a reason for success? Many geniuses have been successful, but many have not. We all remember the ‘most likely to succeed’ from high school and college and where most of them are today. Unrewarded genius is almost an adage! High intelligence is just that, high intelligence, certainly not a reason for success.

How about talent? If anyone has spent time out

Success Article

Success is a Decision, Not a Destination
What does it take to be a success? I have spent a lot of time asking myself that question. I heard some good definitions before, but my favorite comes from Tom Hopkins. Here is my translation. * Success is the worthwhile pursuit of a predetermined...

in the world they know from experience that it is commonplace to see unsuccessful people with talent. They are in every organization of every kind. I spent several years on the fringes of professional sports. Unfulfilled talent was more commonplace than a pair of Nike’s in a large gym. I can’t count the number of ‘talented’ athletes who never utilized and developed their incredible gifts.

No, I believe there are really only three reasons for success; all else are influences. Determination and persistence are two of the real reasons that most people succeed. All research I have seen on millionaires and other successful people bears this out. To paraphrase Donald Trump when asked what he did when he was $900 million in debt with no light at the end of the tunnel: “I just kept working hard, never giving up. I knew I would find a way out.” And he did!

One more reason, maintaining a positive outlook. So many people see the obstacles in front of them but highly successful individuals see the opportunities that are hidden behind the obstacles. They block out the justifications that hold most people

Success Article

A Vision for Success
Do you know that there is a formula for attaining material success? Indeed, there is. My research has shown that people have gained material prosperity by following certain strategies, especially for projects requiring a large investment of up to...

back and focus on “what can be”, not “what might happen”.

Persistence, Determination, and Positive Outlook, we could all learn from this simple lesson!!

Stephen A. Burgess is founder and CEO of Corporate Toolbelt, a premier business strategy, business planning, leadership and advisory firm. He has served as a 'C' level executive, is a noted speaker, and has his MBA. He currently serves on several Boards of Directors. Steve is also a partner in the Power of 8 and the co-founder and Managing Partner of Speakers Alive!, a southern California speaker’s bureau.

He is the Co-Author of the #1 Best Selling book, Purpose, Passion, Abundance, On an Enlightened Path and Business Successes. He is also author of the forthcoming book, Legacies of Leadership, as well as numerous published articles. Steve’s advice is highly sought after by entrepreneurs, business owners and companies of all sizes. He works together with clients to uncover the power to maximize their growth and profits!

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