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Success - Success is a Decision, Not a Destination

Success Article

The Fastest Way to Success
Your mind is the only tool that can create success in your life! If you donít believe me, just ask yourself whatís stopping you? If other people can do it, why canít you? Are you afraid? Do you think that you canít do it? Do you have trouble...

What does it take to be a success? I have spent a lot of time asking myself that question. I heard some good definitions before, but my favorite comes from Tom Hopkins. Here is my translation.

* Success is the worthwhile pursuit of a predetermined goal.

Short and sweet, but very to the point. Too many people think success is something we have to wait for. We only have to wait for success if we choose to wait for it. Becoming a success is as easy as making a choice you know youíre going to stick too. I have a line I love to say that goes like this.

* Success is a Decision, Not a Destination.

This simply means that once you have made up your mind to reach a goal, you are already successful because you will achieve that goal. Also remember that goals are dreams with deadlines, so make sure you assign a time the goal has to be accomplished by. You canít just say someday Iíll lose weight. Thatís not a goal, thatís an opinion, and a poor one at that. Instead, say something like this: Within 6 months Iím going to lose 50

Success Article

So What is Success Anyway?
Well Iíll tell you what itís not. Even thought many of us like to periodically visit our own personal Fantasyland complete with its mansions, servants, fancy cars and trips to exotic places (check under the heading of ďWhat I Would Do if I Won...

pounds. Now you have a target and a deadline. Team those up with persistence and you have a powerful, magical, wonderful combination.

You are instantly a success because you canít fail. Failure is never permanent, and success is always achievable. What great thing would you do if you knew that you couldnít fail? Would you write a novel, start a business? Or how about not smoking anymore. As a quick aside, Iíd like to talk about quitting smoking and relate to you a funny observation I heard by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was talking about chocolate, but smoking will be just the same.

Is it easier to smoke or not smoke? Dr. Dyer says that not smoking requires less effort. If you want to smoke you have to work to earn the money to buy them, you have to drive to the store and pick them out, you have to pack the tobacco to ensure good flavor, you have to open the package, flip the lucky, take one out, put it between your lips, light it, smoke it, throw away the butt, and put away the pack. All just so you can do it again in a few minutes.

Success Article

Everyday Tools for Extraordinary Success
I am often asked about the "secrets to success". I've had the chance to work with thousands of highly successful people in business and finance, in sports, in entertainment and the arts, and the good news is, there are no "secrets" for success! ...

Compare that to not smoking. All you have to do is not smoke. Thatís it! So is it easier to smoke or not smoke? I guess it depends on how you look at it.

I hope to convey a central theme with this article. You are a success once you set a goal. A goal has a deadline and must be accomplished. Success is a decision, not a destination. By the time you reach your goal, youíve already been living as a successful person. Thinking of yourself as a success now will make you finish your goal, because you will become what you think you are. Successful people meet their goals and do great things and with your new decision youíre now a successful person.

Michael Giannulis is a web entrenpreneur, weight loss expert, and motivational speaker. His whole life changed at the age of 24 when he realized the Secret to achieving success. He shares his insight on his blog, in books, cds, and motivational and training speeches.

His blog can be found at http://www.onlyonemike.com




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