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Success - Success - it's all a matter of mindset!

Success Article

A Vision for Success
Do you know that there is a formula for attaining material success? Indeed, there is. My research has shown that people have gained material prosperity by following certain strategies, especially for projects requiring a large investment of up to...

"Walk away from the 97% crowd. Don't use their excuses.
Take charge of your own life." -- Jim Rohn

Have you ever wondered why some people always
seem to get whatever they want?

In fact there's nothing mysterious about it. You, too can
quickly get whatever you want ...and enjoy it, too - it's all
a matter of mindset, success mindset.

Start now, and build your own Success Mindset!

To begin with: Work on yourself. Examine your mind.
What are your deep-seated beliefs on yourself?

The best way to find out is to discover the limitations
you set for yourself, which are the result of your
self-concept i.e. the way you "see" yourself..

For example if you decide to do something, like lose
weight, or get up earlier, or work more etc. do you find it
easy or is there a "little voice" inside you that keeps
whispering to you: "No, you're just wasting your time,
you'll never make it...."?

Those are the limitations you have imposed upon
yourself throughout your life.

Most probably, the seeds were planted in your mind
since childhood and, over time, have taken on the
disguise of reality.

Childhood programming and associations grew up
with you and were nurtured, seemingly confirmed, by
successive failures throughout your life.

And things will go on like this until the day when you
stand up, stamp your foot, and say: "No! No! No!"

You've just realized that there is no fatality in life!

Those beliefs on yourself, which you thought you were

Success Article

Financial success
If you want to be financially free and rich, you may need to have a good financial success system and also possess a sound financial intelligence. Financial success eludes so many of us, just because we have been incapable of attaining it in the...

with", were in fact acquired from your childhood on
and gradually built up to constitute your "personality traits."

There is now scientific evidence that "you can get to the
deepest part of your mind and program your belief
system with affirmations, visualizations, prayer" (if you
feel so inclined), and thus create a new reality for yourself.

You can "introduce other patterns of belief into the
subconscious and unconscious areas of your mind".

This is something within your power. You can decide
to do it and then proceed to do it.

NOW YOU KNOW, and this puts you high above
Jim Rohn's "97% crowd"!

And you can deliberately program your mind for success,
it's like installing the Success Mindset software.

Yes, Success Mindset is really like software. Your mind
is programmed for success. It is framed in such a way
that you always get whatever you want.

Success is no longer accidental or occasional. It has
become second nature to you - or one should even
say "first nature".

What you used to call failure becomes an opportunity
to learn a lesson and move forward to still further
success - "a blessing in disguise".

One nice thing about Success Mindset is that ANYONE
can acquire it, never mind whether some people are
"more gifted" than others.

It simply can be built and nurtured by any human being.

And Success Mindset is based on what I call the
"Success Mindset Tripod (TM)":

- gratitude
- purpose
- faith

In other

Success Article

The ONLY Secret To Success
There is only one secret to success in life, and it's NOT what you think it is. It is NOT: - Hard work; - Persistence; - Attitude; - Confidence; - Focus; - Positive thinking; - Trying lots of things and keeping what works; -...

articles, we examine

- how an attitude of gratitude enables you to be at peace
with both your past and your "already visualized" future;

- how a sense of purpose is what you need to control your
destiny and define your own future;

- how faith is at once the vehicle, the fuel and... the bridge
between your past, your present, and your future.

We also talk about the tools you will use for your
Success Mindset building, such as self-talk, affirmations,
visualizations, goalsetting, etc. and much, much more.

Meanwhile, don't allow your "Success Mindset Tripod (TM)"
to wobble and crash down. Let it proudly stand on its
three sturdy legs.

- Cultivate gratitude: whatever your present situation,
it certainly might have been worse,

- Strengthen your sense of purpose by being crystal-clear
about what you want,

- Nurture your faith, if only faith in yourself.

Or... will you just idly sit by and powerlessly watch as your
Magnificent Dream explodes, with bits and pieces hurtling
down the bottomless pit of abject failure?

"Don't walk sideways, breast your way through life!"


About the Author
A 30+year experience - translator, teacher, traveler, musician,
writer, plus crosscultural awareness, worldwide ancient spiritual
traditions... Success Mindset Philosopher A.M.Sall helps you
"be whatever you want to be and get whatever you want to get ".




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