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Success - Success - The Amazing Attraction Factor

Success Article

Leadership Success Secrets
Before you get started reading this, go to www.google.com right now and do a search on success. You will find over 1 Billion pages returned. Now does that tell you something? What comes to my mind is that there are a lot of people looking to find...

Your success is assured when you begin using The Amazing Attraction Factor. No other factor can generate wave upon wave of success for as long as you live. You are five easy steps from catching the wave of a lifetime.

Your Amazing Attraction Factor begins to work for you as you, Take Action, Get Traction, Fight a Faction, Refuse Reaction, Develop Attraction.

Take Action

Your first action may be to write a plan, or phone a prospect, or talk to a banker. Success requires you to start actively communicating with expected stakeholders in your new business. Success comes from visualizing, with the help of God, your expected outcome, together with writing down what you are going to offer to the marketplace in order to earn your reward. In this step you are making key connections to earn your success.

Get Traction

Next you need to build long term relationships. You need to build a marketing strategy to give you lifetime client loyalty. Remember, its the repeat sales that build your bank balance to the

Success Article

Meaning Of Success-Example Or Excuse
The classic business success stories I heard while growing up had to do with people starting with nothing, overcoming great obstacles and becoming financially successful. The great captains of industry, like Ford, Getty and Edison were people...

first $1,000,000.

Fight a Faction

You can be sure you'll face opposition with your success plan. Be prepared to face it from family. Rehearse the steps you plan to take and be able to explain them, in love. Acknowledge their objections. Then let them see your desire fire to succeed.

Refuse Reaction

You'll also face internal, head, opposition. Don't let your reaction to an obstacle, eg a finance source that doesn't come through, let you think that you should give up. In this battle you gave up your old comfort zone and you're going to have to fight, in your thoughts, against ever being content with your old ways again.

Develop Attraction

When stakeholders, including loved ones, realize your never going to give up, they will come into agreement with you. This will greatly improve the atmospehere around your success plan. Agreement with family, friends, and financiers develops a special attraction for you.

Others start to observe your new lifestyle and they want a part of the action. Joint

Success Article

The ONLY Secret To Success
There is only one secret to success in life, and it's NOT what you think it is. It is NOT: - Hard work; - Persistence; - Attitude; - Confidence; - Focus; - Positive thinking; - Trying lots of things and keeping what works; -...

venture partners will seek you out.

Your wave of a lifetime is waiting for you. Get up on that surfboard called The Amazing Action Factor. Stand up, Take Action, Get Traction, Fight a Faction, Refuse Reaction, Develop Attraction, and you'll have success and a $1,000,000 bank balance others only dream about.

Your success dream has become a success theme because you know the power of The Attraction Factor comes from your working of the words contained in the word "attraction" - Action and Traction.

Copyright 2005 Kenneth Little

Kenneth Little is a writer, teacher, public speaker and the publisher of a re-released classic - in a revealing ebook- that will show you how to get the best of health and wealth out of all your future years. True success will be yours no matter what your age. Amazing "How I Became Young at Sixty" brings renewed strength to your body, hope to your mind and increased prosperity to your lifestyle.==> http://www.Young-at-Sixty.com




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