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Success - Ten Rules to Success

Success Article

What Success Really Is
Success has to be defined by each person individually. When asking yourself what you will have to achieve to enjoy success, you should really be asking what would make you happy. Not rich, but happy. Success entails more than just financial freedom....

In her book If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules, New York Times bestselling author, Cherie Carter-Scott, presents ten rules for a fulfilling, meaningful, and satisfying life. These rules are easy to follow, practical, and, most of all, do not require you to have a million dollar in the bank to start. So, with this short introduction out of the way, here are the ten rules for a fulfilling life.

Rule # 1: Each Person Has His Own Definition of Success

I like this idea. I don’t have to be a Donald Trump or an Oprah Winfrey to claim success. Cherrie Carter-Scott believes that the “true essence of success, beneath the visible markers and goals, lies in your own personal sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.”

Rule # 2: Wanting Success Is the First Step Toward Attaining It

Success begins with a dream. It is conceive in one’s desire. This desire then turns into an unbending intention that perseveres in the face of insurmountable odds.

Rule # 3: Self-Trust is Essential

“Self-trust is needed not only to guide you to your authentic path; it is needed to keep you there when the road gets bumpy. It is needed when inner doubts arise along the way, when others think you are “crazy” for wanting what you want or doing what you do, when you want to make tough choices, and when you encounter trials and obstacles.”

Rule # 4: Goals Are the Stepping-Stones on Your Path

What’s the difference between visions and goals? Visions are general, broad, and long-term oriented that form as the framework for someone’s goals. Goals are objectives that are specific and measurable.

To distinguish

Success Article

Success…Follow The Well-Beaten Path
Have you achieved success in your life? Yes or no? The answer to that question is quite simple to most people. You might as well ask a man how much money he has…it’s the same question. However there’s more to it than that. Money is a nice...

between a vision and a goal, Cherie Carte-Scott uses several examples in her book. One of these examples is the vision of getting in shape. To weigh 175 pounds, be firm and fit by June 15 is the goal.

Rule # 5: Your Actions Affect Your Outcomes

To reap, one must plant. Our world revolves around the principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, stimulus and response, planting and reaping, etc. Both are mutually dependent upon each other.

Success and happiness are not coincidences. Rather, they are products of design and great effort. A person’s thoughts influence his actions. A person’s actions are formed into his habits. A person’s habits are fashioned into his character. And a person’s character determines his fate and destiny.

Rule # 6: Opportunities Will Be Presented

Opportunities are forks in one’s path. How we choose them determines, to a greater extent, our failure or success. Everyday, each one of us on this planet is presented with an opportunity. We must choose wisely, act fearlessly, and pursue each opportunity valiantly.

Rule # 7: Each Setback Provides Valuable Lessons

“The wise learns from his mistakes,” so says an old proverb. Life is not a bed of roses. As one pursues success, wealth, and fame, setbacks are inevitable. Setbacks are not bad; they are good. Setbacks allow us to reexamine our mode of operation, thus, helping us to improve it, and making us better persons in the process.

Rule # 8: Managing Your Resources Maximizes Your Efforts

Everyone is a steward, a manager, a caretaker. In terms of time, each one is given exactly 24 hours per day to

Success Article

Success Requires Persistance
Success Requires Persistence By Michelle L. Casto What do you think makes someone successful? Do you believe them to be lucky? Do they have the perfect product to market? Are they exceptionally smart? While it is true that a little luck, a solid...

manage. In terms of abilities, each one is given a certain ability to improve upon, and multiply. In terms of resources, the world is an open opportunity to be explored.

What’s the difference between those who succeeded and those who failed? Management! Success does not entail being born with a silver spoon in the mouth; although having a silver spoon is an advantage. Majority of successful people were not born with silver spoons. With their meager resources, they managed to multiply it by discipline and hard work.

Rule # 9: Every Level of Success Brings New Challenges

Rule # 9 reminds me our graduation exercises speaker twenty years ago when he said, “every commencement ceremony is the closing of one door and the opening of another with its new set of opportunity, frustration, and challenges.”

Looking back twenty years, I can undoubtedly say that the man was right on the money. Whether poor or rich, there is an inherent challenge that comes with it.

Rule # 10: Success Is a Process That Never Ends

I thought I am done; I am not. If there is one thing that needs to be recycled more often, success must take pre-imminence. Not only because success begets success, but because success feels good. It becomes addictive, which, by the way, is a good addiction.

In success, the sky is the limit. So dream it. Work on it with unbending zeal. Seize every opportunity. Learn from your mistakes. Trust yourself. And savor every bit of it along the way.

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