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Success - What Will I Learn when I Join Success University?

Success Article

Meaning Of Success-Example Or Excuse
The classic business success stories I heard while growing up had to do with people starting with nothing, overcoming great obstacles and becoming financially successful. The great captains of industry, like Ford, Getty and Edison were people...

When you join Success University, you are getting into a business and an education for the long-term. It is not a 5-day e-course, and it is not a 30-day program leading you to wealth and riches. When you enroll in any post-secondary institution, you know that it will take some time, energy, commitment, learning, examinations, grades, and eventually graduation. Success University is really no different from today’s e-learning opportunities that are popping up in most post-secondary institutions as an option for learning and getting a degree from the comfort of your own home. The difference is that Success University is also a booming business, and allows you to earn as you learn. This discussion will focus on the courses you can take at Success University, and how they will help you become a business and personal success if you make a commitment to learn over the long-term.

When you enroll in Success University, you are paying a monthly tuition of $49.95. So what do you get in return for shelling out your hard-earned dollars? You can take a variety of courses that are either achievement or elective courses. The achievement courses usually give you one lesson per day, up to about 20 lessons, while the elective courses are usually audio and/or video presentations that last roughly up to one hour. Each course, when completed, will give you a certain number of credits. Half of the credits earned must be from the achievement courses. Once you have accumulated a certain number of credits, you advance to the next ranking. For example, you

Success Article

Christian Success - The Power of The Dream
"...He said, "Listen to my words: "When a prophet of the LORD is among you, I reveal myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams." Numbers 12:6 What do you mean I have to Start Dreaming??? The foundation of your Christian Success is going...

start as a “student”, but after 75 points, you advance to “scholar”. After you have completed each course, there is a multiple choice/true-false exam. You must achieve a score of 80% to pass the course. If you don’t score 80%, you can take the test over again. You also get a certificate of achievement that you can print out afterwards!

Success University, as the name suggests, teaches you how to be a personal and professional leader in business, sales, network marketing, and personal development. The achievement and elective courses that you can select are focused on just that. I have currently completed 13 Success University courses that have helped me begin to build a solid knowledge base for this business. The courses I have taken include topics like how to double your sales this year, the secrets of a superstar salesman, how to communicate effectively, network marketing skills, attracting success, prospecting, time management, pay-per-click advertising, and increasing your website traffic. What I have learned from these courses will definitely help me build my business, and makes the $49.95/month tuition worth it. Remember that when you join this business, you are not just in it for the money. You join because you want to learn how to be successful in business and in your personal life, so you are not putting dollars in and getting nothing back.

Not only do you learn from the available courses at Success University, but when you join, you get free bonus materials worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars, such as informative CDs on

Success Article

Your Only Option is Success
(The following is the part 1 of a 2 part series focusing on achieving success in one’s life.) Did you realize that your life was actually pre-destined for success and that you were hard-wired and pre-planned for greatness? Can you imagine your...

building your network marketing business and selling strategies you can use. There are motivational CDs on how to excel and what you can do to stay healthy and wealthy. You get a training pack on how to deal with prospects, and understanding the compensation plan. You have access to the Success University website back office, which provides additional bonuses, resources, banners, ebooks, and training that will help get you going with your business. There is a bookstore, a document library with all the forms you need, a help-desk, frequently asked questions, brochures, business cards, account management, lead manager, boot camp training. The learning and resources never end! There is even a new Success University forum for support and first-steps training to get your advertising off the ground.

As you can see, what you learn from Success University if you take advantage of what’s there for you far exceeds the $49.95/month tuition cost. I have enjoyed the courses and learned a lot from most of them. Some of the shorter courses could be longer and more detailed, but all-in-all, I feel that I am getting something spectacular for my money, and I feel that I am on my way to success! You can be too!

Liane Bate owns a Plugin Profit Site web business, and is a member of Success University and the IAHBE. Find out more about what you can learn at Success University here and at HonestMoneyMaking.com's Home Business Blog




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