Environmental Issues

"I am the earth. You are the earth. The Earth is dying. You and I are murderers"
Ymber Delecto

A look at the state of the Earth's ecology, in 2006, provides a shocking and alarming vision of the future of mankind, if we continue to abuse our planet at the rate we are.

More governments and individuals are becoming concerned and looking at preserving our planet for future generations.

A recent report from the Worldwatch Institute highlights what we all know:

Our planet is in a critical condition and action is needed NOW.

The report gives great emphasis on the emerging super economic powers of India and China and their impact on the Earth's eco-system.

Interestingly the Institute wrote, "The United States still consumes three times as much grain per person as China and five times as much as India.

U.S. per-capita carbon dioxide emissions are six times the Chinese level and twenty times that of India, however:

"If China and India were to consume resources and produce pollution at the current U.S. per-capita level, it would require two planet Earths just to sustain their two economies".

The report goes on to mention that "In 2005, China alone used 26 percent of the world's steel, 32 percent of the rice, and 47 percent of the cement.

Though their per-capita resource consumption is still low, with their huge populations:

"China and India are joining the United States and Europe as ecological superpowers whose demands on the world's ecosystems will vastly outstrip those of other countries".

By the year 2030, the Earth will have another 1.7 billion inhabitants, so every country must make great strides to reduce pollution, wasteful consumption, and to protect at all costs the Earth's fragile and delicate ecological balance.

Some warning signals are already upon us global warming, drastic change in local climatic conditions, insufficient clean water supplies, epidemics and pandemics, high and climbing death rates from cancer, melting of the polar ice caps and many others factors which are all upsetting the Earth's delicate ecological balance.

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