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Online Currency Trading - 5 Simple Tips to Make Money Fast
Online currency trading is the world's largest and most exciting investment market and gives you the opportunity to build big capital gains. Here we’re going to look at some simple tips to help you make money fast.

Most of the tips provided in this article are not accepted investment wisdom - but as most traders actually lose money, it’s good to be different!

So, let’s look at how to make money fast in online currency trading.

1. Take responsibility

If you think you can buy success from a mentor or guru and get rich, forget it.
Most of the advice sold on the Internet is from marketing organizations, and failed brokers. If their advice was good, they wouldn’t be selling it – they’d be too busy trading, and raking in the cash – they wouldn’t have time for anything else!

If you want to make money in online currency trading, then you need to take responsibility and learn Forex trading for yourself. The good news is that FX trading it’s easy if you focus on getting the right Forex education.

2. Acquiring the RIGHT knowledge

It’s a fact that currency trading is simple, but few traders succeed at making money. This is usually because they try too hard - and think that the more Forex education they have, the better.

These traders spend far too much of their time building complicated systems that are clever - but simply don’t work.

If you want to win at Forex trading, you need to keep it simple. Simple systems are far more likely to make money than complicated ones - as they have fewer elements to break.

Another advantage of a simple currency trading system is that it’s easy to understand the logic - and from this flows confidence. Confidence is a vital ingredient for success, as it leads to discipline - which all traders need in order to continue to follow their systems through the losing periods.

3. Take risks

Many traders try to restrict risk so much that they actually create it. These traders try methods that can never work - like day trading, or putting their stops so close that they’re sure to lose money.

If you want to win at currency trading, then confront risk cheerfully - and if you see a trading signal that looks good, risk as much money as you can afford.
Small accounts should risk up to 10% of equity, also don’t diversify. Also, remember that if you have a small account, it will simply dilute your profit potential.

Focus on one trade - and hit it hard if you believe it’s a winner.
You need to make sure that your Forex strategy catches the big trends. This is what makes the big profits - so make sure that you milk the big trends for all they’re worth.

4. Have the courage to accept the big gains.

It may surprise you to learn that most traders simply don’t have the courage to make the big gains. Of course all traders want to make big gains from their online currency trading – but they lack the courage to accept what is staring them in the face.

When most Forex market traders see a profit mounting up, they get excited - and the bigger it becomes, the more they want to take it before it gets away. When these traders see volatility eat into their open equity they panic - and bank a marginal profit.

What usually happens next, is that the trade goes on to make $10,000 to $30,000 and they’re not in!

If you want to make big profits from currency trading, then you need to hold the big trends - and its not easy hanging on, while volatility eats into your open equity by thousands of dollars a day. However, if you focus on the longer term, you can bank extraordinary profits – rather than the mediocre gains of the average trader.

So, don’t have stops to close or move them too quick. Have the courage to go for the big trends – and the big money they provide.

Forex trading is all about taking calculated risks at the right time - and having a plan that you have confidence in, and can execute with discipline.

If you want to learn online currency trading, or how to make bigger profits from your existing trading, following the tips outlined here will help you – good luck!


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