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This section contains information on ourselves, and the world we life in.The focus here is on spirituality, new age thought, our place in the world, alternative therapies - and details about the unique world we live in. Life gets more stressful and faster paced every day and many people are looking to make life less stressful and want to understand themsleves and how they relate to the world the live in, to achieve inner happiness and be healthier in mind and body.

Why not load your DVD player with a life-enhancing disk. There’s lots to choose from – T'ai Chi, meditation, self-hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, new age music, to name a few or try some alternative ways to get fit and lift your spirit and your health from - Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi or simply take out and meditate.

New Age News and New Articles Everyday!

Here you can find all the latest news on new age thought which is updated daily and at the end of the page simply check through the index to read the latest new age articles and sections that cover all you need to know about - natural ways to make your body healthier, lift your spirit, gain a greater understanding of your innner being and  the world we live in. We hope you enjoy this section and please email us with any comments or if you would like to contribute any of your thoughts.


Meditation and Spirituality News


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