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Dieting : Will Power

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Follow this Dieting Tip and Gain the Will Power to follow any Diet

This tip is not conventional, but it is guaranteed to help you follow any diet that you choose and it is …

Follow your diet religiously for six days a week and then on the seventh day forget about your diet and have a free day.

This may sound unusual advice, but there is a logic here you need to consider and it's psychological impact on your state of mind.

If you overeat once a week you remove the one reason many diets fail, which is when choice is removed from you of a food you want it even more.

Say you love burger king, spaghetti, chocolate or whatever and you told you cant have them for 12 weeks or whatever period your diet is set for.

Guess what? You crave them even more!

By allowing yourself one free day you can say: I will stick with the diet and I can still have my favourites i.e I have a choice.

So wont this ruin all the good work of your diet?

No it wont, and there are three reasons why:

Firstly, you will have been eating sensibly on the other six days and one day won't make much difference.

Secondly, by overeating and having treats you will perhaps realise that that your body has adjusted to better eating habits.

This day may not be the pleasure you thought i.e. when every day was a free day, or you don't actually want to eat as much as you thought before you came to your free day.

Thirdly, it gives a choice, we all like to make autonomous decisions and by giving us choices we are more likely to stay with the diet we have chosen.

Don't set yourself up for failure give yourself some breathing space.

To gain weight you have to eat a lot

Consider this gaining weight is a long term process and you won't undo the good you have done on the other six days on your free day.

What you will do is give yourself the choice and make sticking with a diet less onerous.

No one wants to be told they can't have the odd treat now and again, the free day gives you this and helps you stick with sensible eating longer term.

You can do your free day on any day you like in the week.

If you have tried to diet and find you cant stick with a rigid program give yourself some freedom and some choice


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