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Dieting : Long Term Weight Loss

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Long Term Weight Loss - Tips to keep Weight off Permanently

Losing weight is the first part of the battle. The second part is keeping it off permanently.

Many people can knock weight off short term then put it right back on. This article will give you tips on how to keep weight off permanently.

Their diets are to strict and Don't allow them other than restricted food groups and this causes them to give up.

Also many diets simply Don't make you feel healthy and again people give up due to lack of energy, nausea etc

Lets say you have lost weight and are waning on a diet, here are 8 tips to help you keep the weight off longer term, which can be incorporated into ANY sensible diet.

1. Eat breakfast.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Your body has been deprived of nourishment for up to 8 hours; at breakfast you re fuel your body giving you energy that sets you up for the day and curbs hunger pangs later on.

More than 80% of dieters who achieve long term weight loss eat breakfast every day, so this is very good advice.

2. Eat greens.

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories high in water and fiber, both of which make you feel full for longer. Aim for five servings a day, this is not as difficult as it sounds as there are plenty of foods to choose from.

If you are in a hurry buy green foods supplement and dilute with fruit juice for a quick nourishing snack.

3. Eat naturally

It really is common sense what foods are good and bad for you.

If you eat as naturally as you can and avoid foods with lots of additives and processing you are on the right track for long term weight loss.

Eat naturally from the earth.

4. Don't be too hard on yourself

People who keep weight off have learned to treat themselves and not be too hard on themselves.

Eating a Pizza or burger every now and again, is not going to make you suddenly jump hugely in weight.

A treat such as this 2 or 3 times a week will not harm you at all, so long as you are sensible with the rest of your diet.

The reason many people give up dieting is simply it is to demanding in terms of what they can eat, but the reality is it does not have to be in the first place.

Proper long term weight loss and maintance is exactly that, a long term process.

The occasional treat is essential, so forget about all the foods you can never eat again, you can.

5. Have healthy convenience food

It is to easy with our hectic lifestyles to simply grab burgers, fast food, microwave meals when were in a hurry.

Make sure you have quick healthy foods in the cupboard instead.

For example, tinned fish such as salmon, sardines or Tuna are ideal.

Simply add over a baked potato with some vegetables and you have a quick meal in a matter of minutes.

6. Eat 5 times a day

Eat regular and often five times a day to prevent insulin spikes and hunger cravings. This way you will always feel full and more energetic.

7. Eat protein and carbohydrate together

Always try and eat carbohydrate and protein together at every meal.

Protein stabilizes insulin levels, which leads to steady energy throughout the day. One more benefit, eating protein has been shown to reduce your appetite.

Protein and carbohydrate work together so should be eaten together for long term health.

8. Drink water

Yes, you have heard it numerous times before, drink 2 liters of water per day to help with long term weight loss and flush out toxins.

Many of our hunger pangs are really thirst pangs so reach for the water first.

The above is really common sense and allows you flexibility and choice in your eating habits as well as sufficient food per day so you are never hungry

For long term weight loss incorporate the above in your diet and you will find it easier to stick with a diet as well as feeling healthy and more energetic.


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