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Become a Better Lover - A Man's Guide to Satisfying Their Partner

What makes a women think her man is a great lover?

You often here a women say he is amazing in bed, you may just think he had a natural gift - But nothing could be further from the truth.

Women look for certain things from lovemaking and any man can do them - If they discover what they are and use them.

So here are your tips to becoming a better lover.

1. Foreplay

Women find it harder to orgasm then men and this is an accepted fact. So, how to you bring women to orgasm in lovemaking?

The first point to consider is that a women needs generally to feel appreciated, wanted and she needs to relax totally.

The way to achieve this is foreplay and lots of it.

Foreplay involves targeting the erogenous zones (not just the obvious ones) some examples are kissing (90% of women in a recent poll said they wished they got more kissing)

Guys take note!

All women remember a great kiss. We have covered how to kiss for a mind blowing experience in other articles so make sure you don't neglect the kiss.

Other great erogenous zones for women are the neck (kissing and nibbling it can drive your partner wild) and other areas such as the spine, lower back just above the buttocks, feet, back of the knee and inner thighs.

2. Oral Sex

Not enough room here to cover the actual techniques but if you want to get women ready and relaxed for intercourse oral sex is a must and she will be aroused relaxed and ready for lovemaking

3. Best sexual positions x 3

What are the best sexual positions?

They are simply ones that target the G and U Spot.

Many guys think that to target these erogenous zones they need to try really complicated positions, but they don't

Fact is, there are three great positions of targeting these areas ( which we have written frequently on ) and they are as old as time itself.

Learn them and you will hit the spot every time - and that means huge satisfaction for your partner.

4. Mental Stimulation

So far we have focussed on physically arousing your partner but with women most liked to be stimulated mentally and they want to know:

You want them -You desire them - You want to please them An essential part of this is communication.

Talk to your partner ask her what she wants, is she enjoying what you are doing, respond and whatever you do - Do it with passion and desire.

The fact your partner sees how much you want them and how much you want to please them, is a huge turn on and this will mean she will be aroused relax and come to orgasm.


We live in a society dominated by sexual images.

Men worry about there performance, but they don't really need to - Above all, women look for a thoughtful and considerate lover.

Don't worry if you don't know how to satisfy your partner initially.

If you show passion, consideration, desire and communicate, then she will appreciate it and show you how she wants to be pleased.

Sex is as much a mental issue as a physical issue. so communicate mentally and physical fulfillment for both you and your partner will follow.


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