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Best Sexual Position to Aid Conception

Is there a best sexual position to aid in conception? Quite certainly, as there are others to avoid if you wish also that the result of your love making ends up with the woman becoming pregnant.

Below you can find some very interesting information on sexual positions that aid conception, as well as some doís and doníts for the man as well.

The Process of Conception

There is no need to go into the process of conception, which although widely known, is still little understood by mankind as a whole.

The process involves elements such as timing (sperm delivered to a mature ova), and geography (the ova must be in the correct place). One would think by seeing the great numbers of people today that the process needs no further understanding. This is not so for many couples having conception problems.

The knowledge of the womanís menstrual cycle, the state of the manís sperm (at any given time), and other aspects of anatomy are just those factors doctors who deal with infertility need to know about most.

The Sexual Act and Positions to Aid in Conception

There are some very basic factors that must be considered here. One is adequate foreplay for the couple.

The woman should be aroused, and at the same time, relaxed and enjoying the sexual act.

These sessions should begin with a great deal of embracing and kissing, light massage and sexual massage, as well as light stimulation to the womanís erogenous zones.

If the man has a good degree of self-control and can delay the ejaculation, a woman may begin the sexual act by straddling the man. However, this is just to begin, and the woman must quickly lie on her back.

The man should put a small pillow under her buttocks and with her knees raised, the man enters her from a modified missionary position.

However, the man must not lie on top of her, but must support himself with his hands and arms. The woman, with insertion of the penis will elevate her hips slightly to accommodate a very deep penetration. The man must proceed slowly.

At this step, the man will grab both of the womanís legs and press them to her breast, and the penetration is now at the very maximum possible.

The man and woman should attempt to thrust and respond in rhythm, and the man should attempt to penetrate as deeply as possible.

As the crisis approaches, the man can warm the woman (as she herself might be able to trigger an orgasm by this) and the man must ejaculate without withdrawing or continue to thrust.

The man must them release the womanís legs back to bent at the knees (while remaining inside of her), and force out all the sperm available. This sperm will pool itself near the orifice of the cervix and have basically an unimpeded route to the hopefully waiting ripe ova.

Menís Dos and Doníts

Men wishing for conception must not wear tight underwear or take hot baths.

These two activities will raise the temperature in the scrotum and reduce the mobility and liveliness of the sperm.

The man should not make love under great influence of alcohol nor drugs. The reasons for both are more than obvious, and in fact, prior to sexual sessions meant for conception, the man should try to put him self in the best of physical shape as he can.

Generally avoid any other sexual position such as woman on top, doggy style, or standing sex, as sperm will leak out of the vagina and reduce the number available for fertilization.


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