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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes & Cures

Erectile Dysfunction or ED (also known as Impotence) is basically seen as a man's inability to develop or maintain an erection (of his penis) long enough for sexual relations.

However it can be a warning sign of other illnesses that can be killers. Let's look at ED How to cure it and how serious it can be to your general health.

The Causes of ED

There are many causes, some are psychological and some are physiological.

The psychological ones may be treated in a number of ways, but the physiological ones are indicative of some other body malfunction or condition which may be serious in nature, and need medical attention.

The physiological causes may be understood if there are no normal erections during sleep. A man usually has about 6 erections per sleep session, and one in the early morning when testosterone levels are at their highest.

However, if these erections are not present, it can indicate some cardiovascular problem, diabetes, or hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism is unacceptably low levels of testosterone in the man's system this will affect the testicles and naturally reduce or eliminate an erection.

Tests to Determine Ed

If you suspect you have ED, go to a doctor, he will begin with testing your blood for diabetes, hypogonadism and prolactinoma.

The doctor will also test you for cardiovascular problems, like peripheral vascular disease or coronary artery disease. He will see if you lifestyle is correct, your weight, and verify your general state of health. Simplest Test

The best way to determine if your ED is psychological or physiological is to determine if you never get an erection or you do (however rare). If you get an erection at all, the causes will be found being psychological in nature.

If not, you have some other causes preventing erection and this will need immediate medical attention.

Current Treatment of ED

Current treatment of ED can usually start with testosterone if the doctor understands there is some hormone deficiency. If there was some disease, such as diabetes, there may have been damage to the penis blood vessels. Treatment of the diabetes is essential in any event, and some of the medications below are effective for intercourse, but not a cure.

ED is now treated by drugs taken orally (such as Vigara, Cialis and Leventra), injected, or even as penile suppositories. All of above will increase the efficiency of Nitrous Oxide (NO).

NO dilates the blood vessels of corpora cavernosa within the penis, and allows for engorgement, and subsequent erection. Other treatments include the injections apomorphine into the erectile tissue of the penile shaft. There is now oral apomorphine as well.

You can also take a number of herbs that can help increase NO and circulation to allow more blood to flow into the penis and create an erection

Natural herbs to cure ED

The best three are: Ginseng and Ginkgo Balboa. These have been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to improve libido and are excellent all round body tonics.

And finally L Argennine - Known as natures Viagra take 2,000 mgs per day. In tests it has been proved that 80% of men who did this saw an increase in sex drive and achieve better erections.

Finally, there are treatments that require surgery, such as penile implants (both permanent and inflatable). There are special vacuum pumps that can be used, that will (with the aid of an elastic band) retain a semi-erection for about 30 minutes.

It is highly recommended that if you think you have ED, see your doctor at once, as it really may be the symptom of something else.

Get help and get sorted your life may depend on it.


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