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Total Body Workout - The Never Fail System a Workout For All Part 1
Going to the gym has become part of the lives of a lot of men and women, but many people feel they cant get going or don't have the time.

Pilates 101 - The Basics
A concept developed by Joseph Pilates, based on the idea of physical-mind methodology, his system of non-impact exercises are meant to develop ones strength, balance, flexibility and self-consciousness.

The Two Biggest Lies About Abdominal Training
If you have ever read a fitness magazine... If you have ever watched TV ads about latest machines that will "magically" reveal your abs... If you have ever gone to a gym and seen tens of people lying on the floor doing crunches...

Read This Article If You Are Fat
Are you one of the 60% of Americans who are over weight or 20% of Americans who are obese? Well obviously with numbers like those you are not alone. Saying you are fat is not politically correct instead say to yourself...

Weight Training Programs Versus Cardiovascular Exercise
All exercisers, whether beginners or old hands, will ask themselves at some point if they should switch to an all-cardio or all-weight training programs. Trainers are asked this question every day in gyms across America...

Best Cardio Exercises
The best cardio exercises are something you enjoy so you'll stick to it to get the maximum benefits. You may be surprised at how quickly this form of physical activity becomes a habit you enjoy...

How to Become a Bodybuilding Champion - The Art of Bodybuilding!
Yes, bodybuilding is an art! As the Potter molds the clay, so does the individual sculpt the body and mind. To the naked eye, most only see the exterior finish, to the champion; the art is in their history and in Rome...

The Fitness Cardio Secret That Propels Lance Armstrong
What is Lance Armstrong doing that you can do to improve your results? Most people exercise to lose weight, focusing solely on that one single goal. But wait, it is not only about looking aesthetically pleasing, getting in those...

Hill Training: Why All Runners Should Do It
I used to hate running hills. They just mess up your pace statistics, and can be a real source of agony when showing up unexpected in a race. But through experience I soon learned that proper hill training can make the hills ...

Heart Matters
Your heart is between one to two times the size of your clenched fist. Contrary to popular belief, it is not located to one side of the body - it is located almost in the exact center of your chest...

Two Ways to Exercise That Burn Fat
When you perform any kind of activity your body burns fat and glucose. If you want to burn fat you must tailor your activities to burn fat in a larger proportion to glucose...

How To Exercise: Choosing the Right Type of Exercise for You
So you have to start an exercise program. What are you going to do? How are you going to exercise? Well the type of exercise you do largely depends on you...

Avoid These Top 5 Workout Myths
Do you know the health and fitness industry is plagued by an over abundance of workout myths? A myth is a fiction or half truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology...

Elliptical Trainer Benefits
There are so many elliptical trainer benefits to list that some would say it's the perfect way to exercise. Elliptical exercise trainers meet the overall need of any exercise program...

Elliptical Workouts
Elliptical workouts basically involve aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. Elliptical cross trainers can be intimidating at first glance but once you get familiar with them you will find them easy to use and a fun part of your routine...

Walking for Your Health
Walking is the easiest way of exercise because it is accessible at anyplace, anywhere and anytime. Several studies show that walking can...

Weight Training For Life
My life has been devoted to fitness. In all my research, I have found that it's very important not only to exercise your body, but your mind as well...

How To Lose Belly Fat With A 10 Minute Workout
Are you looking to change the shape of your body or trying to lose belly fat without joining a high priced gym? If so, try this high energized cardiovascular fitness routine that that was developed by Keli Roberts...

20 Minute Home Work Out
If you are busy, not able to get up early morning or have no time for gym just follow this 20 minute home work out to stay healthy and fit...

Read This Article if You Like to Walk or Jog
I am glad you are one of the very healthy people in the world. You know as humans continue to over indulge with food and end up with that unsightly belly bulge, it makes it harder and harder for them to join us...

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