Herbs For Natural Prevention And Healing

The term herb refers to a plant used for medicinal purposes and they have been used for centuries for their healing qualities in many cultures. We are now seeing an increased acceptance and popularity of herbal use in Western countries. The recognition of their worth is widely increasing as many people seek natural options to health and well being.

In a modern world where prescription medications often carry a huge list of potential dangerous side effects, many people are deciding to turn back the clock and look at natural cures as our ancestors did. Herbal remedies and natural medicine is starting to appeal to many people. Doctors are so fast to offer us a "quick fix" to our problems but herbs can have the same affect and enhance overall wellness and being. As we have said Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years. It is not a new way of treating the body, even though it has just recently come to light as an alternative to prescription drugs. In fact, many of the medicines that are prescribed by doctors of all types have herbal origins to them. Drugs that we use all the time such as aspirin and even penicillin were both derived from herbal medicines.

Herbs should be treated like other medicines in that it is important to follow the recommended dosages.The concept of using herbs is to to heal the body naturally and promote a sense of overall health and wellbeing is appealing and here we will review the most popular herbs and their main health benefits.

| Ginkgo Biloba | Ginseng | Ginger | Garlic | Echinacea | Barley | Alfalfa | Dong Quai |
| Cats Claw | Bilberry | Green Barley | Elderberry | DHEA | Milk Thistle | Saw Palmetto |

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