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Increase Sexual Desire - For Women The Exercise Of The Deer

In part one of this article, we learned about the benefits to the man by employing a simple exercise and massage technique. This leads to increased sexual energy, health and well-being.

However, there is a woman's version of the Exercise of the Deer that promises youthfulness, unlimited sexual energy, and a re-balance of the female hormones.

The female deer, the ancient Taoists observed, is youthful her whole life, sexually active, and always graceful. The exercise below is the Exercise of the Deer for women, and if practiced regularly (twice daily, morning and evening) will impart to you these subtle qualities.


It is essential to take a warm bath or shower before you begin. Also you must have the temperature of the room comfortable, as you will perform the exercise without clothing.

Find also a comfortable place to sit cross-legged. A firm bed is perfect for this, or the floor on a good exercise mat also is acceptable.

The Exercise of the Deer - Step 1

Sitting in the cross-legged position, draw one foot to the vagina, and press the vaginal opening with the heel of the foot. If you cannot do this, take a small rubber ball, and place this next the vaginal opening and your heel to the ball. Press firmly, but not so its painful. You will soon find this pressure (especially if you achieve it with the heel of your foot) is releasing sexual energy, with a great feeling of sexual stimulation.

Step 2 - Breast Stimulation

Now with both hands (laid flat) on your breasts, massage each breast (with the flat of the hand) is a circular motion; clockwise for the left breast and counterclockwise for the right breast. You may wish to apply some talc to your hands as not to cause skin irritation. Do this massage for 360 massage revolutions. Stop and feel the wonderful tingling sensation of energy and blood flow to the breast area.

Step 3 - The Inflow of Vital Energy

With one hand massaging either breast (and you can alternate with each breast), the other hand is used to press firmly the vaginal opening. Simultaneously, contract the muscles of your vagina and anus ( the same muscles "kegels") you would use to hold your urine, in first a weak, then mild, then strong contraction. Hold the strong contraction as long as you can.

Do this as many times as you are able to comfortably. You can verify you are doing this correctly by simply inserting a finger into the vagina during the contraction. If you feel a gripping sensation, you are succeeding.

This exercise will promote more than just sexual vitality, it will assist your body to re-balance your correct levels of female hormones. Also, if you are sexually active with a male partner, he will notice a new elasticity in your vagina, and be amazed by your gripping ability.

The exercise of the deer for women will, as suggested, also impart to you a feeling of youthfulness, and good health, if combined with a wholesome diet, and some regular exercise. You cannot fail to notice a renewed sexual (vital) energy and well-being.

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