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Men's health and Wellness

In this section you will find topics that relate to mens health and wellness
from sexual problems to prostrate and hair loss.

Articles are updated regularly and the news feed on this page brings you
all the up to date news.

Increase Male Libido - Dont Look at Trestosterone Levels Check Nitric Oxide Levels First
With male libido many men think that lack of testosterone is the problem but the real cause in most cases is lack of nitric oxide.

Male Libido - The Ultimate Diet For Higher Libido PART 1
Sexual drive and libido is maintained by an active mind in a healthy body and your body works as whole not in isolation.

Male Libido - 3 Natural Herbs for Stronger Libido Part 2
In part 1 we looked at the basic nutrients in a diet you need for a stronger sex drive and increased libido.

Horny Goat Weed – A Natural Supplement for Increased Libido
Horny Goat Weed is popular with both men and women as an aphrodisiac for increased sex drive and its name is very apt.

L-Arginine - A supplement for Health & Increased Sex Drive
L-Arginine has been a favorite of bodybuilders for many years, but is also being taken by many for its general health benefits

Andropause - Stop Growing Old Now!
Andropause, or the male version of menopause, is described in a WHO report as the progressive decline of male androgens (hormones) with age.

Snoring - the Problem and How to Stop Snoring
Snoring, a condition as old as man himself and even a condition found outside of humans.

Prostate Cancer - the Psa Test Could Save your Life
What is PSA? PSA is prostate specific antigen. PSA is a protease (protein) secreted the prostate gland. Its levels in the blood are elevated in men

Andropause - How To Reverse Falling Testostorone Levels
We have all heard so much (and many have experience with) menopause in women.

Circumcision - All The Facts From Hygiene To Sexual Stimulation
Except for the religious reasons given in the Old Testament and the Koran, there are a great many reasons given why a man (newborn) should be circumcised.


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