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Satisfying Your Partner - Top Mistakes Guys Make

Men very often do not satisfy their partners as they make basic fundamental errors, all are easily corrected and are generally related to the differences in the male and female psyches.

So what are the top mistakes guys make?

Let's look and find out and discover how to be a better lover that your partner will certainly appreciate!

As a general rule men tend to be more easily turned on than women, women need generally a lot more foreplay to derive maximum sexual satisfaction. Secondly the sexual act tends to be less important and women want to feel wanted and appreciated.

These are common mistakes men make when trying to satisfy their partner.

1. Not enough foreplay

Most women like lots of foreplay before sexual intercourse and most women nearly 90% claimed that kissing was one of the biggest turn one's to them.

Foreplay should be varied, have an element of surprise, passion and desire and all or most of the erogenous zones should be targeted

2. Don't neglect all the Female erogenous zones

Of course, most men know the obvious ones: the clitoris, the breasts and the lips but there are many more to explore and they include:

The neck

Most women simply adore their necks being kissed and nibbled.

The spine and lower back

Running your tongue along the spine is highly erotic and the area above the buttocks at the base of the spine is extremely sensitive and will drive your wild with desire.

The buttocks

Most women have a complex about their bottoms, so show them you love them by feeling, stroking and kissing it.

Not only is it a turn on for her, it will show her you really care.

The Feet

Many women find having their feet played with incredibly erotic and if you kiss, lick and massage them, most women will adore it.


The back of the knees are incredibly sensitive and the inner thighs are just the same, so target these areas with passion.

Try and target some or all of the above, take your time, do them with passion and your partner will be relaxed, aroused and ready for sexual intercourse.

3. Best positions for sex

Don't think the more complicated the position the better it is, this not so.

There are around 5 positions that are excellent, they will add variety to your sex life and do the all important job of targeting the G and U spots.

There is not enough room to cover them all here, but they are explained in greater depth in our other articles.

The key is to focus on the G and U Spots and forget all the complicated positions where you need to be double jointed, or an Olympic athlete to perform them, stick with positions that give you both maximum pleasure.

4. Find out what your partner really wants

Do you know what your partner really wants?

If you don't you need to start asking and communicating what she really likes, don't just assume.

Many couples are to afraid to talk openly about sex to each other, don't make the same mistake.

5. When it's over it's over

No its NOT!

Many men assume that once intercourse has taken place there is no more to be done and their off for a shower!

Big mistake.

Most women enjoy sex more, if they feel they are appreciated wanted and desired.

When you have finished making love, make a point of staying with your partner telling her how much you love her, enjoyed it and kiss and caresse her.

Trust me, most women love this and this gesture will be highly appreciated.

As a general rule women love to feel wanted and need much more time to become fully aroused than men.

Bringing women to orgasm is much harder than it is for a man and proper foreplay and G and U spot targeting are needed.

Finally, whatever you do surprise your women, show her you love her and do any of the above with passion and desire and your partner will appreciate you for it!


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