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Sexuality Tests

The next time you are surfing the Internet for information regarding sex, you may want to try your hand at one of the many sexuality tests that are available.

A variety of sexuality tests is available to examine your knowledge on many different topics. Some of these topics test your general knowledge of sexuality, as well as allow website visitors to test, examine and explore their own sexuality.

Below you will find numerous websites featuring an assortment of tests, quizzes, and surveys:

. When you visit the Sex Quiz Site at, you will encounter a collection of sexuality tests gathered from all over the Net.

The list of links includes sexuality tests, such as 100 questions testing your purity, which is quite a popular type of sexuality test.

Other tests deal with lesbianism, sexual positions, levels of foreplay, as well as a sexual color personality test.

These tests are free and meant to entertain. Be aware that this website is not for those who find offence in every little thing.

. The Sexgage website,, provides an interesting sexuality test by asking a series of questions that involve the analysis of your hands.

Questions are asked regarding such things like the shape of your fingertips, thumb flexibility, as well as what is the highest part of the palm of your hand.

The test uses palm-reading theory that provides information regarding a person's sex appeal.

. Purity sexuality tests are popular on the Web, offering an array of options in different categories.

The Definitive Purity Test, found at - described as the "ultimate purity" test. Not only will you receive a score for yourself, but also you will be able to compare your answer with all of the other people who have taken the test.

Sample questions on this website include: "have you ever had a date past am, to "have you ever lied about your sexual preference in order to avoid a date?"

. The Gender Purity Test explores some of the gender questions that many people have. This is available at

. When visiting the website, you will be able to take a sexuality aptitude test, as well as participate in a global sex survey.

This is a chance to discover some of the popular and not-so-popular attitudes towards sex, including dating and relationships.

The results of these tests and surveys are by sex, age, location, and marital status.

Some sexuality tests on the Internet do not test you on your sexual prowess, but help individuals to make important decisions in their life.

There are sexuality tests that test whether or not a teenager is ready to have sex for the first time.

Some sexuality tests also test a person's knowledge on the STD's and other sexual health obstacles that a young adult may face.

There is also a sexuality test that will calculate a woman's chances of getting pregnant by identifying characteristics and behaviours which make them a low-risk or high-risk.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of tests, surveys, and quizzes that are available regarding sexuality.

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