The Super Minerals for a Rock Hard Body and Erection

Today's man is very often in the gym, and very conscious about his body. This article is about 3 super minerals that are essential for all men working out and wanting to build muscle.

He will often take proteins and watch carefully what he eats, buying combinations like fat burners, creatine, and other products to help build muscle.

However many of these health consious people forget the three most important super minerals that can actually not only build muscle but also can increase libido and give a rock hard erection as well.

Let's look at these 3 super minerals in greater depth.

A Rock Hard Body and Erection

Maybe in your workout routine you are aware you are building muscles, and boosting up your testosterone, but are you succeeding?

You may be losing it in bed?

All that lifting is using up your calcium, zinc and selenium!

These are the three super minerals. Let's see what they can do for you.


In the 1990s the health supplement companies came up with a new twist on Zinc. They added some Vitamin B6, and some magnesium.

The result was (is) a supplement called ZMA. The promoters of this new combination believed it could give a guy extra power in the gym (or at sports) and moreover, keep testosterone levels where they needed to be.

To test it out they made a very scientific control on professional sportsmen, with one group taking ZMA and one group not.

The results were clear. The ZMA group had high increases in their natural free and total testosterone levels. Not only, they also had marked increases in their insulin-like growth factor 1.

Later research revealed that zinc-deficient laboratory rats were showing a high level of conversion of their testosterone to estradiol (this will become estrogen!), and had a significant drop of their free testosterone.

The conclusion is obvious.


You are thinking that calcium just builds strong teeth and bones?

Think again!

You are also not drinking milk, and how much calcium are you actually getting in your diet? If you are under 30 and active, you will need about 1 gram of calcium daily.

If you are over 30 you will still need about that much.

What does calcium do besides helping bones and teeth?

Perhaps little known, but during physical exertion, the body's calcium is released causing a movement in the proteins tropomyosin and troponim in the demand muscle fibers (those muscles that are being used).

These proteins are triggers that cause shorting of the muscles (contraction). Not enough calcium, not enough response. Simple as that.

Calcium has also been found out to be necessary for weight loss. Are you getting enough calcium?


Selenium is what is called an essential micro-nutrient. You need it, can't live without it, and can't make it. You need to get it into your diet.

Among the many things that selenium does for you, its most powerful quality is that of an anti-oxidant. In simple terms, such a powerful anti-oxidant will protect your DNA. Hard training can (and does often) damage you need to be aware of your levels of selenium.

Additionally, selenium has a good effect on the proper function of your thyroid gland. That means energy levels, and weight control.

Ask your doctor before starting to take large does of these three super minerals, and when you do begin, you can wait for the results within a short time.