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The G-Spot – Target It For Mind Blowing Orgasms

Once you will learn how to find the G-spot with your lady partner, and with the use of appropriate sexual positions to stimulate it, you can give her mind blowing orgasms time after time.

But what is this G-spot, where it is located, and how will you know that you have really found it?

A German doctor (a gynecologist) Ernst Graftenburg is the discoverer, which is why it’s called the “G” spot. The G-spot is an area inside the vagina, on its front wall. Strangely enough, this area can be stimulated by constant pressure and it often ends up in an orgasm. It’s not difficult to locate, as it corresponds directly to the area where the urethra is closest to the top of the vaginal wall.

The G-spot does vary from woman to woman, so you will need to follow the directions below to locate it exactly.

Using well lubricated two fingers, insert them carefully inside your partner’s vagina, touching the top of the vaginal wall. You will feel somewhere a lattice-work of muscle tissue and in that tissue is the G-spot. Be very careful how you touch it; do not hurt your partner! Too little pressure and your partner will be meaningless, while too much pressure and she will cause an unpleasant pain.

Now that you have located it (you partner will gladly confirm to you that you have) see these three methods to use to pleasure your partner.

•A very good method to stimulate the G-spot is while performing cunnilingus. Insert two well lubricated fingers and apply a steady and firm (but not rough) pressure to the G-spot. You can be very sure that after 20 minutes of cunnilingus, and pressure to the G-spot, your partner will experience a steady and profound orgasm.

•The second natural way to stimulate the G-spot is by intercourse. The man will lie on his back and woman will mount on top, facing the man. The beauty of this position is that the man should do nothing at all, only have an erection. The woman move till she finds the G-spot herself, and she will apply just the correct pressure, using the man’s erect penis. Orgasm quickly follows.

•Another sure sexual position to stimulate the G-spot is a modified missionary, of sorts. In this position, the woman will lie on her back, and the man faces her, sitting on his thighs. The woman now places her feet on the man’s chest with her legs apart. At this point the man will penetrate the woman, but does not move or thrust. He will just lean back a bit, insuring his penis is firmly touching the vaginal wall. The woman can move if she wishes to adjust the pressure. As it in position, the man’s penis will be tilting upwards pressing directly against the G-spot. Not long after the woman will experience a strong orgasm, as the clitoris is also stimulated.

Stimulation of the G-spot one is accomplished by intense and constant localized pressure. Thrusting is not so effective as constant and strong pressure to the G-spot itself. Once learned, both partners will seek to return to its stimulation again and again.

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