Costa Rica Land Investment - The Best Profit Potential in Central America?

If you are looking to double or triple your money in land investment quickly then there are several countries in Central America to choose from.

So is Costa Rica land investment still the best deal or are there better investments to be had?

Let's look at Costa Rica land investment and see if it holds up against the competition.

Do you want to be a pioneer?

When investing you need to decide if you want to be a pioneer and be in first.

Keep in mind many pioneers got rich and made a killing but many got more than their fare share of arrows!

Costa Rica land investment does not offer the cheap prices of 10 years ago, but in land investment you need to decide whether you want good solid gains in an established market, or you want to take a chance on a market growing.

Costa Rica land investment has seen average gains of 30% per year for 10 years and many investors in the right location have doubled or tripled their investments quickly and continue to do so.

When you look at emerging states such as Honduras or Nicaragua you have to look at the risks.

They are both cheaper, but will Honduras take off and get the same influx of people as Costa Rica?

Its infrastructure is not as good and unless more people come then it won't improve.

In Nicaragua it's cheap to, but what about the Sandinistas?

They still have real chance of making government and they don't like foreigners and like state ownership!

So, what are the consequences if they get in? Do you want to take the risk?

You can be a pioneer if you wish, but you don't have to be to make great gains.

You can still make great gains in Costa Rica land investment with less risk.

It simply depends on your point of view and personality.

You can get cheap property in many places:

Haiti may have more upside than downside!

But think carefully about why property is cheap and whether it will go into an established upward trend.

Just because a market is a bit more expensive does not mean you won't make gains if the trend is up in prices. In Costa Rica land investment they are and look set to continue for many years - You get value and great potential and that's what most investors want.

Living costs & Infrastructure

Living costs in Costa Rica are a bit more expensive than other Central American countries but again you get what you pay for.

Costa Rica is comparatively rich and this is reflected in roads amenities and healthcare.

Sure, you can go to a country like Nicaragua and be surrounded by street kids see people starving and be jailed for years for being gay and put up with corrupt police force but would you really want to buy in a country like that?

Costa Rica land investment puts you in a country with a good standard of living, a stable democratic government, which has track record of attracting foreign investment and is continuing to attract record levels and has a long established liberal and forward thinking government.

Costa Rica land investment

Remains a good investment with the potential for great gains in a proven market that has a track record that looks set to continue.

Costa Rica

Unlike many other Central American countries Costa Rica has a large expat community, with many of the shops and comforts and ammenities of home already in place and lots of developments being added all the time.

How to get gains

It doesn't matter where you invest the key is location.

Much of Costa Rica is over priced, but there are plenty of areas that offer stunning growth potential where new developments are being built.

As the number of Americans and other foreign nationals continues to increase new developments take place and if you buy in these new hot spots, your Costa Rica land investment will soar in value.

There are new kids on the block but Costa Rica is stable, has good infrastructure, is comparatively rich compared to its neighbours, is a mature proven market and buying in the right location means stunning gains can be made with relatively low risk on your Costa Rica land investment.

Costa Rica has been at the top for 10 years and has competition but taking into account all the facts Costa Rica land investment still looks a fantastic way to make stunning gains.

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