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10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Article

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When a man and a women decide to have unprotected sex, the risk of the women becoming pregnant is very real. For some couples, those who are planning to have a child, the idea of a pregnancy is potentially very exciting news. For others, it may be quite the opposite. In either case, both couples will be on the look-out for early signs of pregnancy. Studies have shown up to 10 early signs of pregnancy, with the pregnant woman experiencing two or more.

1. One of the first noticeable signs is called light spotting. This light spotting will usually occur before the menstrual period is supposed to begin. The blood will be a pinkish, or brownish color.

2. An increase in the frequency of urination is another early sign, and is caused by changes in the hormone levels that come about as a result of the implantation of the embryo. This early sign of pregnancy can be a more accurate warning sign then the missed period.

3. An increase in the normal body temperature may be an indicator that the ovulation is complete, and the woman may be pregnant.

4. The most commonly looked for early sign of pregnancy is missing a menstrual

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period. However, this may be a false alarm caused by a hormone imbalance, sickness, stress, a reaction to eating certain foods, or taking medication. If none of these factors enter into the situation, it could be the real thing.

5. Being pregnant is hard work, especially for a first time mother. The woman may feel drained, and tire easily even when doing the simplest tasks. Later in a pregnancy, when the hormone levels increase, this will fade away.

6. Cramping can also be a sign of early pregnancy. For example, cramping may be natural during exercise, but it may be another thing entirely when it occurs in the office with little or no physical exertion.

7. Nausea, or morning sickness as it is more commonly known, is another common sign. Don't let the name fool you, the nausea can strike at any time.

8. A feeling of tenderness in the breasts and nipples as a result of increased hormone levels. Many women feel a similar type of tenderness a week or so before their period. Tenderness, as a result of pregnancy, is considerably more intense.

9. Another early sign could be a darkening of the areolas, usually noticed in

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the shower, or in a bathroom mirror.

10. A very common experience for pregnant women is constipation. The change in hormone levels also affects the frequency, and ease of going to the bathroom.

Should a woman experience any one, or combination of these early signs of pregnancy but, still not be comfortable with the indications, and not quite ready to visit the doctor, she can consider buying a home pregnancy kit. These can be purchased at almost any drug store, or supermarket. Remember these tests are not always 100% accurate.

Going to the doctor and undergoing an examination will always be the best way to find out if you're going to become a mother.

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