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How to Have Pregnancy without the Pounds

Pregnancy Article

Buying The Right Pregnancy Pillow
Pregnancy brings with it a time of joy, excitement, positive expectations, and Ö a considerable lack of sleep! When youíre a mother-to-be, you need as much restful sleep as possible. With your body undergoing a series of rapid changes, getting...

It has finally happened! Youíre pregnant. You and your husband are so excited to be welcoming a new addition to your family. You are overjoyed, glowing, excited, fat, unattractive, and uncomfortable. Wait a minute; did I say fat, unattractive, and uncomfortable?

The sad truth is that many pregnant women do feel this way. People will tell you that pregnancy makes you feel beautiful and that there is nothing more becoming than a woman with child. But quite frankly, that might not be the way you feel! You are hot, having ridiculous cravings, your nauseous, your equilibrium is out of whack, and youíre carrying twenty extra pounds all in your stomach.

All of a sudden, an area that you have been trying to make flat for your entire life is as round as a basketball and there is nothing you can do about it, or is there? Is it possible to feel fit and attractive during your pregnancy? The answer is yes! You can have pregnancy without pounds. Follow these tips and you will survive pregnancy and even feel like a hot mama while doing it!

First of all, donít use

Pregnancy Article

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pregnancy Care
When it comes to pregnancy, there are many women who make their first prenatal appointment as soon as they learn of their pregnancy. If you are one of those women, there is a good chance that you will end up receiving the best pregnancy care...

pregnancy as an excuse to overeat. Many women will see pregnancy as their chance to pig out for nine months, and then canít figure out why or how they gained an extra 20 pounds in the process.

Get with your doctor and figure out how many calories a day you need, and then make sure that you are getting healthy, nutritious, and low fat food to fulfill you caloric need. By eating empty calories from foods such as chips, candy, and ice cream, you are not only putting yourself at risk for weight gain, you are also not giving your baby the nutrients that they need.

So start off being a good mom and give yourself, and your baby healthy, nutritious food. You will stay in shape and you will have a healthy, happy baby.

The next step is to exercise. Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you are confined to your couch with a Golden Girls marathon and a super size bag of Cheetos. Get out there, walk, run, take Pilates classes, swim, even weight lift. Always, check with your doctor before starting a routine. There are many exercises that you can do to have a

Pregnancy Article

What Do You Need to Eat for an Active Pregnancy?
Maternal weight gain closely relates to infant birth weight, but how much food do you need to eat and how much extra weight is a healthy amount to gain? Low birth weight babies have a greater incidence of malnutrition, which increases the chances...

healthy pregnancy!

It is proven that women who continue their workout routine during pregnancy not only have an easier pregnancy, but also have an easier delivery and are quicker at returning to their post pregnancy shape.

There are all sorts of things that you can do to have a great pregnancy without pounds. You can feel attractive, strong, and even comfortable during your pregnancy. For more tips on how to have a pregnancy without pounds visit http://www.we-review-for-you.com/pregnancy.html

Jennifer is a full time teacher, and a registered nutritionist. She has dedicated her life to health and fitness. If you want to learn more about getting the body you've always dreamed of visit http://www.we-review-for-you.com/fitnessandexercise.html and check out her other articles at http://www.we-review-for-you.com/articles.html



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