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Pregnancy Myths Busted

Pregnancy Article

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Pregnancy myths really vary from country to country. Most women follow some of these folklores due to the tradition they have ever since. But then, medicine and technology have changed the pregnancy experience of modern women. The development of medical testing has helped couples in determining the gender of their child. Discussion here will involve the facts regarding common pregnancy myths.

Women believe that standing on your head after making love can increase the chances of becoming pregnant. But according to some experts, this method has no proof to help women in getting pregnant. Though they contend that lying down after sex for 20 to 30 minutes can increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Another myth is that, people can determine the gender of a child through the shape and height of a woman's stomach. The famous belief states that, women who carries a boy has a low belly. While women who will give birth to a girl, has a high stomach. But this is a total misconception. Because the shape and height of a woman's stomach is determined by uterine tone, muscle tone and the baby's position. In order to know the real gender of a baby, getting an ultrasound is very much recommended.

It is also erroneous to say that there is an association between the shape of a woman's face and the gender of a baby.

Pregnancy Article

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Pregnant women gain weight differently during pregnancy and their skin changes. People cannot tell that if a woman has a rosy cheek, is an indication that she will give birth to a baby girl.

Others also believe that taking a bath is unsafe and unhygienic. In contrast to this popular myth, there is no clear evidence which shows that tap water which enters the vagina can contaminate the pregnant woman. Actually, hygiene is very much needed during pregnancy.

Some women are afraid that if they put their arms around their head, the umbilical cord will muffle the baby. But there is no definite connection about this. Because according to a study conducted, 25 percent of all babies are born with their cords around their necks. Another myth that they believe is that, women lose a tooth for every birth that they have. But with the availability of supplements and vitamins nowadays, pregnant women will be ensure of preserving their maternal health. If a woman has a vitamin deficiency in her diet, calcium may be lost from the her teeth and bones. That is why pregnant women are advised to take at least 1500 mg of calcium everyday, either from food sources or supplement. Teeth will really fall if calcium is deficient or depleted.

During pregnancy, other women don't begin any exercise that they are not already doing prior

Pregnancy Article

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to pregnancy. This one has some basis. Because this will add protection to the newly pregnant woman from injury. In starting a pregnancy exercise, it is really important to seek the advice of a healthcare provider. It is advisable for pregnant women to join in a prenatal exercise or much better a yoga class not only to be physically fit but also to build a support group and even future social network. It is advised that pregnant women should take a walk for 30 to 40 minutes everyday plus a light exercise session after any physical activity.

With the modern technology and medicine being developed today, pregnant women should not anymore rely on these myths because there is no really clear evidence that these are true. What is best is that you must have a regular check-up with your doctor and ask for further questions if ever you want to clarify something. Because definitely they know best.

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