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Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy Article

Over 40 Pregnancy-Easing the Physical Discomforts
She’s the glowing woman with rosy cheeks and bright smile. The only hint that she is seven months pregnant is a medium budge that is protruding from her fashionable outfit. Her charming personality has not been affected by the emotional changes...

During my pregancy I didn't really have the desire to have my pregnancy-photos taken, I really wish I would have made more time to get them done.
If you're anything like me, you're usually the one holding the camera. Make sure to give the camera to hubbie so he can get the shots you can't.
Here is what I believe are the best pregnancy-photos that you need to have done. Ok, some may sound a little strange, but believe me you will love looking back on even the silly ones!
Read my list of must have pictures!
Photo #1 Of course the day you found out you were pregnant! There are lots of women who keep the actual pregnancy test... why not take a picture of it and that can go into your pregnancy album?
Photo #2 If you have children.... take a picture of their reaction to the news.
Photo #3 Don't forget the picture of the surprised daddy!
Photo #4 Get hubbie to take a picture of you calling your family & friends. If you're having a

Pregnancy Article

The Many Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise during pregnancy has so many great benefits for both your and your new baby. Normally, exercise should be light, especially during your first few weeks of pregnancy while your body adjusts to the changes. Any type of heavy exercise can...

dinner party to announce the wonderful news, be sure to click away that night.
Photo #5 Get a picture of yourself infront of the doctor's office on your first visit, even get one with your doctor.
Photo #6 The next time I would bring the camera is when you get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. What a moment to capture! That's the best moment there is for a mom to be.
Photo #7 Time for some mugshots! Get a nice front shot of yourself, then turn to your side for a profile shot. Do this every month as your pregnancy progresses. Easy to do.
Photo #8 Do you know a friend who can take some pictures of you and your husband? Get some nice shots of your husband with his head on your tummy....putting the music to your tummy.... kissing your tummy.... I could go on and on. Very cute and loving pictures.
Photo #9 Repeat Photo #8, but insert your older children.
Photo #10 Did your older children make something for your baby? Take pictures

Pregnancy Article

How to Cope With Pregnancy Morning Sickness
Here is a short introduction to a subject many hundreds of readers are eager to learn more about. In response to a growing demand for quality content on the subject of pregnancy morning sickness, we commissioned this article specially for...

of them with their proud creations.
Photo #11 Get at least one picture of your doctor measure your belly. This is something that us women do every month with the doctor and it's so comforting that the baby is growing properly.
Photo #12 Waiting around for an ultrasound? Bring the camera, get a picture of you infront of the hospital. You know they will make you drink a ton of water, so you're doing the dance anyhow. Bring the camera to keep yourself busy. If there's no one there with you......you're in your gown right? Get a nice shot of those swollen feet.
Have fun with your pregnancy-photos! Create your pregnancy album during pregnancy is alot of fun. :)
About the Author
Vera Raposo has been scrapbooking since her oldest child was 5. With tons of scrapbooking tips and ideas, Vera is now sharing some of her best scrapbooking ideas for your new baby in her newsletter http://www.baby-scrapbooking.com



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