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What's A Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy

Pregnancy Article

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Often when pregnancy is with us there are many friends and relations who offer advice and input as to what the best diet may be. One of them may be the low carb diet for pregnancy. This article attempts to inform you of things to consider before going down that particular road.

The Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy is a matter of controversy. While most nutrition specialists recommend a healthy and varied diet (carbohydrates are also included) for pregnant women, there is medical research that tries to prove that the Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy is actually beneficial for the offspring.

Youíre pregnant. In the past, youíve had serious problems with your weight, but youíve managed to solve them by adopting the low-carb style of eating. You notice that any diet recommended for pregnancy also contains foods that are high in carbohydrates, but you are afraid that if you go on such a diet your weight problems will be out-of control after birth. Besides this, you know that gaining too much weight during pregnancy might also be harmful for the babyís health and lead to serious difficulties regarding the delivery and you are extremely worried about this. Would it be safe to follow a Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy?

Even nutritionists who highly recommend low carb diets for weight loss are against Low Carb Diets for Pregnancy. Carbohydrates combine with fat fragments in order to release the energy needed for all your daily activities. If you donít consume sufficient carbohydrates, your body wonít be able to use the fat in a normal way and this leads to an incomplete breakdown of fat. This may lead to ketosis.

Pregnancy Article

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This means that your liver has been depleted of the stored glycogen and switches to a chronic fasting mode. However, it has been proved that this condition can cause brain damage and mental retardation in the offspring.

Therefore, even if you follow a Low Crab Diet for Pregnancy, you must stay away from ketosis! You can do this and also avoid unnecessary weight gain by getting the minimum of carbs each day. Generally, 65 to 75 carbs per day helps you avoid ketosis. But considering the risks that ketosis involves for the infant, I would suggest you take regular urine tests that detect whether ketosis is taking place. You can use special urine test strips such as Ketostix.

Of course, if you choose this ďlightĒ form of Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy, that involves consuming at least 65-75 carbs per day, you must do this wisely. Itís irresponsible to eat fat and proteins all day and then splurge on some pastry or chocolate that contains all the minimum of carbs. Instead, you should eat many times throughout the day and spread the quantity of carbohydrates evenly through your meals. Try to get your carbs mainly from vegetables (about 60%), then from whole grains (25%) and from fruits that donít contain much sugar (15%). For safer dieting, make sure you follow the other entire doís list for pregnancy. This includes an adequate intake of water each day, taking supplements (calcium, magnesium, vitamins, etc.), staying active, etc.

There are new studies that point out some positive benefits for the adult offspring in case the mother followed a Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy. It appears that this improves

Pregnancy Article

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triglycerides, fat metabolism in offspring. Maintenance of a low triglyceride levels and a good fat metabolism can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. This theory has only been tested on animals. But even if itís the same for human beings, what would you prefer? Would you choose giving birth to a child with brain damage and mental retardation but with a lower risk of developing coronary artery disease?

Giving birth to a human being is a great responsibility. If youíre looking for answer or advises, you must know that you wonít find a clear answer about the safety of the Low Carb Diet For Pregnancy. This is because there is no generally accepted rule or any finite research study on this issue, and no one would take the responsibility of giving such a controversial medical advice. You must think of all the advantages and risks that are involved by using a Low Carb Diet for Pregnancy, or any other type of weight loss diets, and decide it by yourself. Iím sure youíll make the right choice, as for any pregnant woman the first priority is her babyís normal development and health.

Author - Kitty Barker who often writes for and with Pregnancy Information where there is far more information, news and resources. She also writes for Pregnancy Weight Gain. If that link is inactive, you can paste this link into your browser - http://pregnancy-and-baby-tips.com/.



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