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French Property for Sale ,is it Pass its Sell by Date?

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France has become a very popular place for overseas property buyers from the UK. Itís so popular in fact that this may be a reason for itís potential decline. So has France had it's day as a desirable overseas property location?

The attraction of France to its UK buyers

France has the obvious attraction to the UK buyer of being close to home. Its stunning scenery, quaint villageís, cheap property prices and a relaxed lifestyle make it a superb location. Brits who have been left with sizeable income from their own homes consider France an ideal location to buy abroad. The expansion of cheap airlines are making even the remote parts of this vast country accessible to UK buyer. London Stanstead airport for example now offers flights to Biarritz, Nimes, Montpellier, La Rochelle, Toulouse via cheap flight operator Ryanair

Too many British buyers for French consumption

It is true that some French villages are now dominated by British owners who have found the under priced French property too much of a temptation. In some areas this has caused tension. This was seen in Chamonix where British owners suffered graffiti such as English go home and petty criminality against their properties. Local French residents resented the fat wallets of

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the British property buyer whose lust for French property served to push prices upwards. These in turn left locals in a position where they could not afford to buy property in their own villages. In the eyes of the French the British invaders added insult by not even attempting to learn French and to integrate into the French way of life.

France is too big and the properties too varied to say its had its day

The key to buying in France is to identify the region that suits you. Itís a great idea to rent a property there to get the feel of the area. Donít be fooled by summer temperatures. Some regions in France become bitterly cold in the winter. The northern and central zones are temperate while the south experiences an almost tropical Mediterranean climate. French property offers excellent value for money and the types of French property on sale are still varied. Farmhouses to an old chateaux, French property offers unique opportunities to own substantial buildings at a fraction of the cost compared to other areas of Europe. The Loire valley for example offers low prices and a variety of French homes for sale whilst not being over run with British owners.

France still a firm favourite

Overseas property buyers planning to buy abroad

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should always plan an exit strategy. When and how are you going to sell should be decided before you buy. Take in to consideration that selling a French property can be a lot harder that buying one and it is a good idea to plan for this.France has a lot of property on offer and is a firm favorite of the British .

A bit of commons sense goes a long way

Budget realistically: buyers quite often under estimate the cost of restorations. Finding the right French builder can also be difficult, you will find that building costs are higher than you expect. Always seek independent advice before buying property abroad and make sure you have any legal documents translated so you know what you are signing.

Buying property in France

Taking account the continuing popularity of France and the huge selection of French property available.It is clear that the French property market has a long future for overseas property buyers.

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property French Property for Sale ,is it Pass its Sell by Date?