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Investing In Your First Property

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How to Build a Profitable Property Portfolio
As more and more of us look for better ways to secure our financial future than investing into stocks and shares or relying on our government to provide for us in our old age, so interest in purchasing property as an investment asset is increasing....

For those that are about to purchase their very first property, it is very exciting and quite risky. Some people purchase property purely as an investment, however, and with property prices on the rise, that might be a very good idea. Moreoever, you can rent out the property to tenants as it accures in value! This guide gives a quick overview on minimizing the risks while maximizing profits in property investing.

1. Before Investing

You will want to do plenty of research before you invest into a property. Far more research, in fact, than you would do if you were just looking for a property for your own personal use. Of course, you don't have to get a PhD in Real Estate, Finance, or Law, but you need to get a good chunk of information and think about your decisions.

2. Know The Market

It is imperative that you understand the market before you invest. What is the average property going for? It can vary considerably even within a single housing tract. Study a little bit about legal restrictions and requirements, about contracts, escrow, titles, insurance, closing procedure, and the roles different

Property Article

5 Tips for Increasing Rental Property Cash Flow - Part1
We've all heard about cash flow. The term that is most-used when speaking of rental property profitability. Cash flow is basically the cash that rental properties generate from various sources. The level of cash flow essentially evaluates the...

individuals play in the process. Also, never be afraid to shop around, it can't hurt, right?

3. Profitable Properties Aren't Necessarily Expensive Properties

Keep in mind that often the homes that offer the biggest return on investment are fixer uppers. A fresh coat of paint, new flooring, a fresh pest inspection report showing zero pests, and a professionally landscaped front and back yard can cost as little as $3,000 and increase the property value to prospective buyers by up to $20,000! Even better, if you can pick the property up cheaper, at auctions for abandoned properties, you can save a bundle and thus make even more money.

4. Look At The Neighborhood

Properties nearby should be inspected as closely as the house itself. Are they maintained poorly and in a way that would devalue your potential purchase? Even a fixer upper that gest turned into a castle will have trouble selling if the neighborhood is in dire straights. The idea is to find a diamond in the rough - or to cherry pick to to speak. Take the very best lowest priced property and flip it for a lot of profit.

5. Get

Property Article

The Value of Foreclosed Property
The discount on a foreclosed property is not as great if the state allows deficiency judgments by lenders against borrowers. In contrast, the discount is larger if the property is being sold in a state that requires foreclosures to proceed through...


Unless youve won the lottery, chances are investing in property is going to seem a bit expensive. This is where major lenders like banks and the stock market can come into play. Make sure to have your financing in place before you buy! Talk to mortgage lenders banks, mortgage lending companies, and Internet home loan businesses.

6. Be Prepared

Don't be fooled by the ideal that you can never lose money in the real estate market. Make sure the house you purchase isn't so far into disrepair that no one will buy it no matter how much money you pour into the property. You will also want to spend extra time in negotiating the best price possible so you don't get stuck with a property you can't afford the monthly payments for.

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