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The Coolest Property Investment Opportunity in France

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What are the signs of a good property investment opportunity? A unique location perhaps...good rental potential definitely...a 24/7 property management service that is professional yet not overpriced - absolutely! All of these elements come together at the Manoir Savoie ski development at Arc 1950 in Les Arcs high up in the French Alps. What's more, real estate prices are certain to rise at Arc 1950 for Manoir Savoie is the last property development ever to be built at this prestigious ski resort!
The Manoir Savoie Property Investment Opportunity
Owned by one of the world's largest property development organisations, the Manoir Savoie is the seventh and final large-scale property development to be constructed at Arc 1950.
It consists of a mix of 130 one-bed ski apartments and two-bed ski apartments with ski-in and ski-out facilities. Rooms in the apartments are of a generous size and come complete with furniture.
Property investors can elect to buy ski apartments at the Manoir Savoie development on a 100% ownership basis or on a French leaseback scheme.
French Leaseback Scheme at Manoir Savoie

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The French leaseback option offered at Manoir Savoie provides property investors with the opportunity to maximise their property investment purchase.
On the French leaseback scheme property investors purchase their ski apartment freehold, and then sign an 11-year French leaseback agreement with the lodging operator at Manoir Savoie. This allows the lodging operator to add the investment property to their rental pool.
In return, property investors receive a guaranteed income from their investment property for the term of the French leaseback agreement. Management of the property is handled by the lodging operator, including maintenance and re-decoration of the investment property.
At the end of the French leaseback period, property investors are free to sell their Manoir Savoie ski apartment should they so wish. Given that no other construction is to take place at Arc 1950 - a decision that won't be reversed as the property developer owns the Arc 1950 village - a healthy profit is pretty much guaranteed!
In short, investing at Manoir Savoie really is a no-brainer! But, if you're in the market for an investment

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property in France you better hurry...the Manoir Savoie development at Arc 1950 is already 60% sold out. For more information on the Manoir Savoie development visit
Getting to Arc 1950
The Arc 1950 village is part of the Les Arcs series of villages near Bourg St Maurice. International property investors wishing to visit the Arc 1950 village should fly into Annecy airport or Chambery airport. Both are within an hour's drive time of Arc 1950. A hire car can be booked in advance for pick up at either airport by contacting Your Car Hire PLC -
From the airports drivers should head out towards Albertville. Once at Albertville the N90 motorway should be taken down to Moutiers. From Moutiers the N90 road then continues to Bourg St Maurice, from where sign posts to Arc 1950 and the other Arc villages will be found.
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property The Coolest Property Investment Opportunity in France