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Broadband Internet

Broadband, or more specifically, Broadband Internet Access, is the current generation of internet inter-connection. There is actually no agreed standard to what this means, but certainly, it means that it is a great deal faster than dial-up or ISDN modem connection.

Specifically, broadband means the connection realizes at least 256 kbit/s in one direction, and more specifically, both directions. In actuality, the normal implementation of today's broadband are up to 30 Mbit/s, This speed allows for all the new services long promised, such as video on demand, downloading of DVD and whole films, as well as real-time video conferencing.

Broadband costs little more, or less even than the old dial-up and ISDN access, and allows users to remain on the internet all day, day after day without significant charge. It can even be cheaper than dial-up in many cases. Broadband has brought a new life also to Newsgroups, with files able to hold CDs and DVDs.

Aside from services, Broadband also produces high speed internet for general internet viewing and participation at speeds that can approach real time. This also has implications for the ISPs of Broadband, as users in greater numbers are taking advantage of the peer-to-peer file sharing concept. This uses a very high bandwidth (all of the broadband) over a great period of time, and stresses the resources of the ISP to the limit.